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The application of sensors in our lives

by:Rika Sensors     2021-11-03
The application of sensors in our lives
The advent of the new technological revolution has brought the world into the information age. The traditional way of obtaining information from the outside world solely relying on human senses is no longer satisfying the needs in the study of natural phenomena and laws and modern production and life activities. How to obtain accurate and reliable information The information has become an urgent problem to be solved in the process of using information. To adapt to this situation, sensors came into being.

A sensor is a detection device that can feel the measured information, and can transform the sensed information into electrical signals or other required forms of information output according to a certain rule, so as to meet the transmission and processing of information , Storage, display, recording and control requirements.

Do you know where sensors are used in our lives?

1. Application in environmental monitoring

As human beings pay more and more attention to environmental quality, the monitoring of the ecological environment based on the sensor network environment can provide early warning of the environment and comprehensive management of the environment Carry out accurate measurement to ensure the effective development of environmental monitoring and enable relevant departments to grasp the current status of the ecological environment and ecological quality.

For example, several kinds of sensors are used to monitor rainfall, river water level, soil moisture, air quality and other factors, and use this as a basis to predict and analyze the meteorological environment and ecological environment in various regions, so as to improve the environment and protect the environment. Provide basis, take countermeasures, improve ecological quality, protect regional environment, and maintain ecological balance.

2. Application in industrial control

In the field of industrial control, the application of sensors can be said to be very wide, such as product process control, automobile manufacturing, industrial machinery and automated production equipment, etc. With their figure, sensors can detect the running status of integrated equipment, displacement detection, step positioning detection, assembly line status detection, equipment safety protection detection, temperature and humidity detection, gas and liquid flow detection, pressure, tension distance detection And so on, real-time monitoring and control of various parameters in the production process, to keep the equipment in a normal or better state, and to achieve better product quality.

The application of sensors in industry has improved operational efficiency, increased output, and improved engineering efficiency.

3. Application in agriculture and animal husbandry

Agriculture is an important field for the use of sensors. The production of crops is closely related to climatic conditions. Temperature, light, and moisture are all important factors that affect the growth of crops. With the continuous development of sensor technology, various meteorological sensors have been applied to agricultural production to monitor environmental temperature and humidity, light, soil and other factors, improve agricultural producers’ defense against meteorological disasters, reduce blind investment, and effectively improve agriculture Productivity.

The continuous development of smart breeding has also promoted the application of sensors in the animal husbandry industry. Due to the relatively closed nature of the breeding environment, harmful gases, temperature and humidity and other factors have a greater impact on the health of livestock. Use sensor technology to realize real-time monitoring of equipment, personnel, environment, animals and other information of breeding sites. Through network transmission, the data will be displayed, stored and analyzed on the monitoring cloud platform to realize comprehensive environmental monitoring of the breeding farm and provide comprehensive guidance. The production, operation and management of farms help managers to straighten out the production process, ensure production safety, and produce safe meat products for consumers.

With the continuous advancement of the new technological revolution, the Internet of Things system made of sensor networks has gradually matured, and more and more sensors have been applied to all aspects of our lives. People rely on sensor networks to continuously expand their cognition , To promote the development of society.

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