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The application of temperature and humidity monitoring system makes it difficult for cosmetics to 'melt'

by:Rika Sensors     2021-10-23
The application of temperature and humidity monitoring system makes it difficult for cosmetics to 'melt'
Even the cosmetics 'melted' in the hot summer!

When the little fairies find that the cosmetics they often use have changed in taste, or the oily cosmetics become water-liquid separation, it may be bad! This is not the quality of your cosmetics itself, but cosmetics are also afraid of heat, especially emulsions with whitening or anti-aging effects. Affected by their ingredients, high temperature conditions will accelerate their deterioration, and their lifespan will be greatly reduced. This is why many people choose to store cosmetics in the refrigerator.

There are many contraindications for the storage of cosmetics: avoid bacteria, avoid the sun, avoid overheating, avoid too cold, avoid humidity, etc. Therefore, the warehouse for storing cosmetics has higher requirements for temperature and humidity. Under normal circumstances, the cosmetic storeroom should be kept at about 25 degrees as far as possible. Too high temperature will cause it to deteriorate, and too low a temperature will easily freeze and crack. Once thawed, it will become thicker and harder, which will cause skin irritation.

In the cosmetics temperature and humidity monitoring, the temperature and humidity monitoring system can play a great role. This system consists of temperature and humidity monitoring equipment and an environmental monitoring cloud platform. The system is an automated monitoring system that can monitor and record in real time 24 hours a day. The system can monitor and record the temperature and humidity of the environment in which it is located, and upload the temperature and humidity data to the cloud platform in real time, so as to achieve real-time monitoring of the temperature and humidity of the environment, and can realize over-limit alarm in the case of abnormal temperature and humidity , Notify the management personnel in the form of text messages, phone calls, sound and light, etc. The temperature and humidity monitoring equipment can be connected to the environmental monitoring cloud platform for free, and the temperature and humidity recorder installed in the warehouse can be remotely monitored and operated by the network manager. The recorder uploads the collected data to the environmental monitoring cloud platform, which can automatically complete the entire set of monitoring. Provide convenience and guarantee for the reasonable temperature and humidity control of cosmetics.

Monitoring equipment-WIFI temperature and humidity transmission recorder

The recorder can collect temperature and humidity data and upload it to the server via WIFI; the device has a built-in alarm function, and the user can perform in the warehouse Alarm upper and lower limit and return difference value setting; built-in buzzer, can realize high and low temperature alarm and high and low humidity alarm; large LCD display, clear and real-time display of temperature and humidity; probe can be extended, the probe line can be up to the longest 30 meters; can be connected to free local monitoring software platform and environmental monitoring cloud platform.

Remote Management——Environmental Monitoring Cloud Platform

The interface is neutral and free of charge. The cloud platform can be connected to network equipment, and wireless equipment can also be directly connected to the cloud platform without any complicated wiring. . Users can log in to the cloud platform to view data remotely, and support to log in to the platform through tablets, mobile phones, and computers to view and download data. The platform is stable and reliable, and users can choose SMS alarms, email alarms and other services according to their needs, which is convenient for users to use.

It should be noted that different cosmetics require different storage temperatures, and some cosmetics do not need to be stored in the refrigerator. Generally speaking, according to the different storage conditions of cosmetics, it can be divided into room temperature storage and shade storage. Users can set different temperature and humidity limit monitoring according to different needs when using the temperature and humidity recorder. For those with special temperature and humidity conditions, For cosmetics, the corresponding temperature and humidity conditions should also be set.

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