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The 'black technology' to rectify catering oil fume-oil fume monitoring system

by:Rika Sensors     2021-12-08
The 'black technology' to rectify catering oil fume-oil fume monitoring system

China’s food culture has a long history, broad and profound. If you want to understand Chinese food culture in detail, you will naturally have to walk into the Chinese kitchen to visit and worship. However, anyone who has been in a Chinese-style kitchen will lament the smoke when cooking Chinese food. Although these oil fume can be sent to the outdoors through the range hood in time, so that the indoor smoke will not roll, but it can not help but make people think, such kitchen oil fume will not cause harm to the human body and the environment?

Regarding the problem of oil fume emission, as early as 2002, the State Environmental Protection Administration had already promulgated the 'Fume Emission Standard for Catering Industry' to regulate oil fume emission.

'Rules are dead, people are alive.' In the past, some illegal restaurants used to drill holes in inspections, maliciously emitting oil fume, and stop the emission as soon as there is an inspection. After the inspection, everything is business as usual, which makes the oil fume control It is difficult to achieve good results at work. But now is different. With the development of science and technology, we have a set of oil fume monitoring system based on the Internet of Things. This system can help supervisors monitor the oil fume emission of each restaurant in real time, and alert them immediately when there is a situation, so that managers can timely Make a response. Such an oil fume monitoring system can be called a 'black technology' for rectifying cooking fume.

The oil fume monitoring system

The original intention of the oil fume monitoring system was that the number of catering companies was large and scattered. Some equipment and scientific and technological forces have established a fume monitoring system to provide convenience for the country to fully cover the source of fume pollution.

The oil fume monitoring system can realize real-time online supervision of the purification status and purification conditions of catering companies, save manpower and material resources, improve supervision efficiency, and provide a basis for scientific law enforcement. How does the lampblack monitoring system work? Let's take the pump suction oil fume monitoring system as an example to give you a detailed introduction.

The oil fume monitoring system can be divided into two parts: pump suction oil fume monitor and cloud platform.

Pump-suction oil smoke detector

The whole machine of the pump-suction oil smoke detector adopts a 7-inch capacitive touch screen, and the Chinese interface is simple and easy to understand; built-in dedicated sensors , Can accurately analyze the concentration of oil fume and particulate matter, monitor more accurately, store data in large capacity, and will not be affected by the large amount of steam generated by the steamer and cage in the kitchen, and the monitoring is more accurate; it adopts reasonable gas circuit design and advanced The oil and gas separation device can achieve long-term operation and maintenance-free, and can be maintained once every six months at the longest.

The oil smoke detector is designed with 2 current detections, which can detect whether the fan and purifier are working at the same time. The detection current alarm value can be set according to the power of the fan and the purifier, which is suitable for fans and purifiers of all powers. ; It adopts an open-type current transformer, which can be measured without cutting the fan or purifier cable; the oil fume online monitor uploads the data to the monitoring software cloud platform through 4G/GPRS.

Cloud platform

The cloud platform is composed of real-time data, data center and system management. It adopts B/S module development, Window interface style, simple and convenient operation; supports real-time The data can be displayed in the form of GIS maps and lists, icons, and curves to meet the actual operation needs of users to view monitoring information at multiple levels. If the purification fan is not turned on or the purification value does not meet the standard, the cloud platform will send platform alarms and mobile phone SMS alarms to relevant managers as soon as possible; the platform can also store 2 years of data information, and catering companies can intelligently filter a certain time according to conditions The oil fume emission situation in the segment, check whether the purification result meets the required emission standard.

The 21st century is an era with the theme of green and healthy development. The country also proposed the 'Blue Sky Defense' plan as early as 2017. This series of work is heralding Environmental governance is urgent, and oil fume is one of the biggest enemies of environmental governance. Therefore, in order to provide green waters and green mountains, and to comply with national standards, we must pay attention to the oil fume monitoring system.

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