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The butterfly outbreak: how the scenic weather station guards the flower and butterfly

by:Rika Sensors     2021-08-23
The butterfly outbreak: how the scenic weather station guards the flower and butterfly
In the past few days, when I was surfing the Internet, I saw a piece of news: Yunnan's butterflies have exploded, and hundreds of millions of 'butterfly babies' are about to emerge into butterflies! So I clicked on the video with expectation~

Good fellow

When I saw that the screen was full of caterpillars,

the editor knew: I’m going to the effect...

According to the forecast, this year’s butterfly The major outbreak time is from May 25 to June 25. The total number is about 150 million. This will be the largest butterfly outbreak in the region in the past 10 years.

What is a butterfly outbreak?

A butterfly outbreak refers to a large number of butterfly ring butterflies in a short period of time from May to June each year, clustering and flying in the mountains and forests and near the streams. The formation of biological activity landscape. At present, butterfly outbreaks have been found in only two places in the world, one in Mexico and the other in Jinping, Yunnan, my country, which is the saddle bottom of the Red River Butterfly Valley in China.

China’s Red River Butterfly Valley was discovered by scientists in 2009 that there are more than 400 butterfly species in the valley. The primitive natural ecological environment and the diversity of plants provide good host conditions for the reproduction of butterflies. So every year from May to June, there will be a rare phenomenon of concentrated outbreak of arrow ring butterflies.

Environmental reasons for the butterfly outbreak

Due to the large altitude difference, the three-dimensional climate and the rich forest resources, Ma'andi Township, Jinping County, has become a natural gene pool of animals and plants. The butterfly resources are particularly rich, forming a Butterfly resources are mainly composed of arrow ring butterflies and supplemented by watereye butterflies. Affected by the high temperature last year, the growth and development of the arrow butterfly in the valley accelerated, and the pupal period was earlier than in previous years. In order to better protect the butterfly resources in the 'Butterfly Valley' in Ma'andi Township, Jinping County, the local area has increased biodiversity conservation efforts. Butterflies provide a good living environment.

Butterfly is very sensitive to climate change. Temperature changes will have a great impact on the location and number of butterflies laying eggs and the development and survival of butterfly larvae. Therefore, the meteorological data of their living environment should be monitored for research. , Protecting butterfly resources and making them a sustainable ecological advantage has become an important work for the local area. So this time the scenic weather station can show its talents!

Scenic area weather station is specially designed for scenic area weather data monitoring. It can be used to monitor the ecological environment and meteorological environment factors in the scenic area in real time, and provide accurate weather data such as real-time weather conditions and ecological comfort indicators in the monitoring area. , System information.

The scenic weather station can be used with the environmental monitoring cloud platform, communication server and LED screen to form the scenic weather monitoring system. Through the scenic weather station to collect air temperature and humidity, wind speed, wind direction, atmospheric pressure, rainfall and other factors, it can be freely matched according to the butterfly growth environment; with solar power supply system and high-strength pole, it can also automatically monitor the environment of the scenic spot 24 hours a day. Changes in meteorological elements; the weather station uploads the collected monitoring data to the environmental monitoring cloud platform through GPRS/4G signals, and the administrator can view it on computers, mobile phones and other terminals, or display it in real time on the LED screen in the scenic area.

Advantages of scenic spot weather monitoring system:

Real-time monitoring: Collect real-time data of various sites in the scenic spot, and quickly and effectively transmit the on-site conditions to the administrator through GPRS/4G and other methods.

Historical data query: You can query the historical data of one or more monitoring sites in your jurisdiction. Select the time range and data type to query according to your needs. Support historical curve viewing, data export and other functions to facilitate research and comparison and analysis of the impact of various environmental factors on butterflies.

Mobile supervision: Support real-time data viewing on mobile clients, enabling supervisors to remotely supervise and view data anytime and anywhere.

Electronic map: Visually display all the monitoring points in the area, you can quickly query the required site, view the site's real-time monitoring data, site basic information, parameter change trends, etc.

The scenic weather monitoring system can realize the functions of automatic weather monitoring, real-time data display, data analysis and storage of the Butterfly Valley, helping managers to always pay attention to the living environment of butterflies in the valley, protecting the ecological wonders of butterfly outbreaks, and protecting the local ecology. At the same time, achieve higher tourism revenue.

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