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The campus weather station joins hands with students to observe the cloud and measure the sky

by:Rika Sensors     2021-08-29
The campus weather station joins hands with students to observe the cloud and measure the sky
With the destruction of the earth's natural resources, global warming and the earth's climate are unpredictable. Climate change is closely related to our work and life, and any climate fluctuations will have a great impact on us. Based on this, my country's research, mastery, and use of atmospheric sciences have reached a new level, and the dissemination of meteorological knowledge among young people has also been placed in a corresponding position for meteorological science education.

In the new era, meteorological science education is facing new situations and new requirements. Campus weather stations and meteorological science practice courses will become an important part of science education in primary and secondary schools. The campus weather station can monitor various meteorological elements such as wind speed, wind direction, rainfall, radiation, and air pressure on the campus. Through the information of these meteorological elements, the campus can be provided with climate data support, such as outdoor activities of students, student dressing, etc., and suggestions can also be provided through the information and elements monitored by the campus weather station. In addition, through the establishment of campus weather stations, meteorological knowledge such as weather changes, disaster prevention and mitigation, etc., is penetrated into the campus. The campus weather station popularizes the meteorological knowledge of the students at school, exercises the students' ability to participate in social practice, activates the students' after-school life, and optimizes the campus science education environment. At the same time, the campus weather station has also become a good place for teachers and students to take a walk and enjoy the scenery.

Campus Meteorological Station

As a piece of equipment to popularize meteorological science education to students, the basic functions of the campus weather station should be as complete as possible. The campus weather station produced is beautiful in appearance. By installing multiple devices, it can monitor up to 27 elements: wind speed, wind direction, soil temperature, soil moisture, soil EC, soil PH, air temperature and humidity, noise, carbon dioxide, atmospheric pressure , Sunlight, rain and snow status, ultraviolet light, total radiation, carbon monoxide, ozone, nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, oxygen, PM2.5, PM10, negative oxygen ions, ammonia, TVOC, rainfall, soil nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.

The composition of the campus weather station

1. The main shaft of the weather station is installed by flanges with two equal-length poles. The pole is made of high-yield-strength carbon steel with a unique anti-rust and corrosion-resistant technology, which can be used in harsh outdoor environments for a long time.

2. The top of the weather station is equipped with a cross-shaped bracket, which can install up to eight monitoring instruments.

3. Solar panels or large-screen displays can be installed in the middle of the weather station. When installing solar panels, you can choose two power supply modes: power supply and solar power; when you choose large-screen display, you can only choose power supply.

4. Power supply box: The box body is metal sprayed, resistant to sunlight and corrosion. The cable connected to the device adopts a one-to-one plug at the bottom, so it will not be plugged incorrectly. When you choose to install a negative oxygen ion monitor, it is also installed in a metal electric control box.

5. The campus weather station can be connected to the equipment: polycarbon wind speed and wind direction sensor, shutter box, rain gauge, ultraviolet sensor, rain and snow sensor, soil sensor, negative oxygen ion sensor, ultrasonic wind direction and wind speed sensor, solar radiation sensor.

The installation method of the campus weather station

1. Wiring: The campus weather station abandons the traditional external wiring method and adopts internal wiring as a whole, which is more beautiful and atmospheric, and can effectively prevent The aging of the data line and bird pecking caused by ultraviolet radiation. All equipment adopts a pair-to-pair plug-in method, and the waterproof pair plug-in cables are all run inside the pole body. If the micro connecting hole is not used, it will be integrated with the rod, which is beautiful in appearance and good protection; if using a wire slot, use a small hammer to knock the micro connecting hole open.

2. The equipment on the bracket is installed with brackets and connected with a waterproof pair of plug-in cables.

3. The bottom of the weather station is installed with 4 M14 expansion screws after precise calculations, and it is resistant to strong winds on site and is not easy to damage.

4, 60W solar panels can be installed; 7.5 hours to charge the 38A battery from 0 to 100%.

5. The equipment in the soil is routed through the access opening under the 1.5-meter vertical pole.

6. Use two screws to fix the left supporting leg of the negative oxygen ion in the electric control box, and insert the 4P terminal in the box into the negative oxygen ion terminal socket.

The domestic epidemic has basically subsided, and the school season is coming soon. At this time, the installation of campus weather stations for primary and secondary schools to accelerate the cultivation of students’ interest in meteorological observation and weather analysis is also of great significance to the development of quality education.

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