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'The Catcher in the Farmland'-Agricultural Meteorological Station

by:Rika Sensors     2021-09-10
'The Catcher in the Farmland'-Agricultural Meteorological Station
Agricultural production is inseparable from the climatic environment. Real-time monitoring of environmental changes can accurately grasp the farming time and play a key role in the harvest of agriculture.

In recent years, with the continuous progress of modern science and technology, new agricultural industries such as equipment agriculture have completely replaced traditional agriculture. Through greenhouses and supporting equipment, they have begun to break away from natural constraints and move towards high-yield, high-efficiency, high-quality and technology-intensive Agriculture develops. Information is particularly important if equipment agriculture wants to break away from natural constraints. Now let’s introduce the important member of equipment agriculture-agricultural weather station.

Agricultural weather station

System composition, the sensors mainly include wind direction, atmospheric pressure, rainfall, temperature and humidity sensors. If there is more in-depth research, you can add sensors such as illuminance, total radiation, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, etc., which can be freely matched according to site needs.

Choosing a suitable agro-meteorological station can realize real-time monitoring of agricultural growth environment data. Through these data, farmers can be guided to make better production. How can we make good use of agro-meteorological stations? What is the specific operation method?

Characteristics of agro-meteorological station

① The agro-meteorological station can establish an agricultural disaster early warning system to reduce agricultural disaster losses. By configuring corresponding sensors on the agricultural meteorological station, environmental data can be monitored in real time. When the set warning value is reached, an alarm message will be issued to remind the administrator to take corresponding measures to reduce losses caused by agricultural disasters.

②Monitor climate factors, soil physical and chemical properties, and combine crop physiological and ecological characteristics to accurately grasp the timing and amount of fertilizer application; avoid environmental pollution, reduce ineffective irrigation, and save agricultural water.

③Through real-time uploading of data, remote management mode can reduce the number of management personnel and labor intensity, solve the problem of continuous shortage of agricultural labor, and reduce agricultural costs.

④Equipment installation is convenient, which is convenient for later upgrade and maintenance.

Application of cloud platform in agricultural weather station

The data uploaded by agricultural weather station is uploaded to the cloud platform or farm weather monitoring center through GPRS/4G communication, and the farm management personnel can By logging into the cloud platform to monitor various data in real time, you can also set and modify the parameters of various meteorological factors to realize remote control.

The agricultural weather station has a built-in data storage. When there is a communication failure such as a breakpoint or disconnection, the weather station will automatically turn on the storage function. After the communication is restored, the weather station will transmit the stored data to the cloud platform to ensure the data Continuity. Note: An agricultural weather station can store up to 520,000 data records.

Power supply mode of agro-meteorological station

There are two commonly used power supply modes of agro-meteorological station, city electricity and solar power.

Mains: If the automatic weather station equipment installation point can be connected to the mains, try to use the mains, because the mains is relatively more stable and economical.

Solar power supply: When the installation point does not support the mains supply, solar power supply can be installed.

The solar power supply system is mainly composed of three parts, solar silicon panel, battery and charge and discharge controller. If solar power is used, try to equip a large protective box to install batteries. The battery should be locked in a metal protective box as much as possible. One is to prevent water from damaging the battery; the other is to prevent theft. The price of a battery equipment is quite expensive.

Communication methods for agricultural weather stations

Commonly used communication methods are: USB wired communication, RS232 wired communication, RS485 wired communication, RJ45 network cable communication, GPRS wireless communication.

The USB wired communication method is to connect the automatic weather station to the computer through a USB cable, and the transmission distance is 10 meters.

RS485 communication can be extended to 800 meters. This communication method is not only long distance, but also stable, and the price is Also cheap. And it supports the use of RS485 communication line to connect the automatic weather station collector to the computer to obtain data.

The first two wired communication methods are limited in distance. When the transmission distance is too far, it is recommended to use GPRS wireless communication. This communication method is not restricted by geographic distance, and you can view data at will in the country.

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