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The characteristics and practical application of the insect situation detection lamp

by:Rika Sensors     2021-12-12
The characteristics and practical application of the insect situation detection lamp
The reproduction, growth and death of all creatures on the earth are closely related to climatic conditions, and of course insects are no exception. When conditions such as temperature, humidity and light in a place are suitable, certain pests will develop and reproduce quickly, otherwise they will be inhibited.

Of course, in addition to environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity and light, there are many other factors that affect the climate, such as latitude and longitude, topography, etc., as well as local agricultural planting levels, including pest-resistant varieties, planting structure and density, and water resistance. It also has a greater relationship. It can be said that the occurrence of field pests is a comprehensive manifestation of many factors such as weather, planting, and control level.

Under the influence of many conditions, the occurrence of the same kind of pests in different years in the same area will be different. Therefore, it is inaccurate to predict and forecast pests based on the macroscopic occurrence of pests. In order to further clarify the occurrence of major crop pests, reduce the cost of crop pest control and improve the accuracy of crop pest forecasts, we need to use the insect forecasting system to explore the laws of insect growth.

Insect situation monitoring system

In agricultural planting, the installation of pest situation monitoring system is to monitor various pests; crop diseases and insect pests are one of the main disasters in my country’s agricultural production, and they have many types, great impacts, and frequent Features such as outbreaks and disasters can easily cause major losses to agricultural production. Therefore, in response to this situation, we must always monitor the pest situation in the field, give accurate information on the pest situation in time, and formulate scientific preventive measures to reduce the impact of pests on agricultural production.

1. Features of the insect situation monitoring system

The insect situation monitoring system has automatic trapping, automatic collection of insect situation images, automatic transmission of insect situation images to the server, insect situation image cloud sharing, and insect situation information Statistical analysis and other features. After the insects trapped by the insect situation observation lamp enter the observation equipment, they will be dried and processed. The insect situation monitoring system will take pictures and remote data transmission of the insects that enter the collection tray, so that the plant protection staff can sit in front of the computer. Real-time analysis of insect situation and timely release of early warning information. The traditional insect situation monitoring lamp can only carry out the insect situation forecasting, and the forecasting data and images need to be obtained by a special person at the resettlement point. However, it is very convenient if the insect situation monitoring system is used.

2. Practical application of insect forecast lamp

1. Application in dry-grain crops

Representatives of dry-grain crops include corn, rice, etc., taking corn as an example, in corn The application of automatic insect forecasting lights in the field can predict and kill some pests such as borers, corn borers and beetles. In the process of planting some crops such as rice, the automatic insect situation forecasting lamp can effectively forecast the rice stem borer and Taiwan mink, as well as the rice mint, leafhopper, diamond and other pest fields.

2. Application in the orchard

The automatic insect forecasting lamp in the orchard can effectively control some harmful fruit tree pests such as peach borer, heartworm and fruit sucking leaf.

3. Application in the production of pollution-free vegetables

In the production process of pollution-free vegetables, the automatic insect situation forecasting lamp can not only play a good effect, but also can predict the plutella xylostella and beet armyworm. The specific laws of the occurrence of pests such as hawk moth, Spodoptera litura, cabbage worm and white planthopper, etc., which harm vegetables, have a certain control effect on them.

4. Application in forestry pest forecasting

In the forecasting work of forestry pests, automatic insect forecasting lights play an extremely important role. With the continuous increase of the afforestation area in my country and the continuous changes of environmental climate, my country's forestry harmful substances are gradually showing a trend of spreading and spreading. Therefore, the prevention and control of forestry pests and diseases has become more and more important. Among the many prevention and control measures, the insect situation forecasting lamp has also played an extremely important role. For pine caterpillars, lamp moths, American white moth, Yang Xiaozhou moth and large green leafhopper, etc., it can accurately measure the condition and number of diseases. . Therefore, the prevention and control center can immediately start spraying work in the forest area based on this data, thereby protecting large areas of forest.

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