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The characteristics of intelligent temperature and humidity sensors and their applications in different fields

by:Rika Sensors     2021-09-19
The characteristics of intelligent temperature and humidity sensors and their applications in different fields
The intelligent temperature sensor (also known as the digital temperature sensor) came out in the mid-1990s. It is the crystallization of microelectronics technology, computer technology and automatic test technology (ATE). At present, a variety of intelligent temperature sensor series products have been developed internationally. The intelligent temperature sensor contains temperature sensor, A/D converter, signal processor, memory (or register) and interface circuit. Some products also come with multiplexers, central controller (cpu), random access memory (RAM) and read-only memory (ROM). The characteristic of the intelligent temperature sensor is that it can output temperature data and related temperature control variables, and adapt to various microcontrollers (MCU); and it is based on hardware to realize the test function through software, and its degree of intelligence also depends on Based on the level of software development.

The RS-WS-GPRS/4G-6 series is a temperature and humidity transmitter based on GPRS transmission. It only needs a mobile or Unicom SIM card (4G selection supports full Netcom). LCD display, with dual control of temperature and humidity upper and lower limits, free setting of limits, temperature and humidity calibration by password, GPRS data transmission and other functions, internal integrated alarm function module (buzzer and relay), can achieve ultra-high, low temperature, Alarm at high and low humidity. The product adopts the original Swiss temperature and humidity measurement unit, which has the characteristics of high measurement accuracy and strong anti-interference ability.

Characteristics of intelligent temperature and humidity sensor:

◆System superiority The system structure is clear, highly integrated, easy to install and operate, suitable for various use environments, and the operation interface fully considers the individual needs of customers , The system is stable;

◆Automatically record real-time updates and automatically record the temperature and humidity values, all temperature and humidity history records and related data are true and reliable, and the storage method is dedicated;

◆Easy to inquire about mobile phones and PC terminals The software can view the temperature and humidity historical data records of the fixed and mobile measuring points in real time, the temperature and humidity historical curve, the temperature and humidity warning information, the temperature and humidity over-limit information, the over-limit handling measures and rectification tips, the monitoring point environmental condition assessment, and the monitoring point failure , The location of the monitoring point and other information;

◆Complete, accurate and flexible record printing, printed historical records, historical curves, reports;

Flexible alarm function The alarm methods include sound and light alarm, SMS alarm, mobile phone Alarm, e-mail alarm, etc.;

◆There is no need to disassemble the sensor when the system test accuracy needs to be calibrated when the sensor is online. It only needs to be set through the software;

◆Simple installation, convenient and reliable wiring;

◆ Adapt to DC10~30V wide voltage power supply or built-in backup battery power supply.

Application of intelligent temperature and humidity sensor:

1. Application in industrial production

In the textile, electronics, precision machinery, ceramic industry and other sectors, air temperature and humidity directly affect the quality of products And output must be effectively monitored and controlled. The use of temperature and humidity sensors can record relevant data timely and accurately, and provide reliable data for construction.

2. Application in agriculture and animal husbandry

In the production of agriculture and animal husbandry, especially in the production of some cash crops, humidity control is as important as temperature control. Suitable areas for the growth of trees, livestock and poultry are one of the conditions for reducing pests and diseases and increasing yield. To determine the impact of temperature and humidity in the environment on the growth of seedlings, wireless temperature and humidity sensors are also needed for data collection and monitoring in order to obtain economic benefits.

3. Application in cold chain logistics

In order to ensure the freshness and quality of the transported goods, we must first ensure the appropriate temperature and humidity in the cargo compartment during transportation, and then we need to use a combination of temperature and humidity Monitoring system to monitor or monitor the temperature and humidity in the cargo compartment.

4. Application in warehouses and warehouses  

Various items have certain adaptability to the environment. If the humidity is too high or too low, the product will lose its original performance. For example, in high-humidity areas, electronic products are seriously damaged in the warehouse, non-metal parts will become moldy, and metal parts will corrode and rust.

5. Applications in laboratories and drug storage

According to relevant national regulations, drug storage must be controlled according to relative temperature and humidity.

6. Applications in the industrial control industry

are mainly used for HVAC, computer room monitoring, etc. Environmental control in buildings is usually temperature control.

7. Application in archives and museums

Paper products and cultural relics are extremely sensitive to temperature and humidity. Improper storage will seriously reduce the storage life. Reasonable monitoring of temperature and humidity can protect cultural relics and paper products. effect.

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