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The classification and features of the weather stations

by:Rika Sensors     2020-09-08

weather stations according to the use, installation and accuracy can be divided into: portable weather stations, high precision weather stations, highway stations, forest fire danger weather stations and campus weather stations, power stations, solar weather stations, weather stations, community weather stations. Portable weather station is a portable, easy to use, high measurement precision, the integration of several meteorological elements mobile observation system. The system adopts the new integration structure design, well-made, and can collect temperature, humidity, wind direction, wind speed, solar radiation, rainfall, air pressure, light, soil temperature, soil humidity, dew point and so on a number of information and make announcements and trend analysis, department with separate cable station and radio station in two forms, coordination software and can realize remote data transmission network, and network real-time monitoring meteorological condition, is a cost-effective highlight of small-sized automatic weather station.

functional features

1, the structural design, portable collector and sensor integration design concept, without disassembly installation work, out of the box can be measured, can be used in various field environment of random position monitoring ( In the field, trees, buildings, valley, etc. ) , is the most convenient date using meteorological observatory, monitoring the core part of the overall weight is not more than 5 kg, high integration, small size, easy to carry and can be configured at the same time vehicular tray stand on the roof for mobile observation, is advantageous for the on-site emergency meteorological service, can effectively guarantee the data timeliness, accuracy.

2, the integration of the anemometer, make more small volume. Convenient for the user to carry instruments to the harsh environment use, high accuracy, reliable stability, product specifications conform to the requirements of the meteorological observation specification, can be used according to the need for carrying way observation.

3, low power consumption, green energy-saving design, internal adopts the model of energy saving design, if use solar panels to power supply mode, can guarantee in the absence of electricity use for a long time; Also can use mains or car power supply mode of power supply, etc. External structure of resistance to bad environment design, under the condition of the bad weather doesn't affect the use of the equipment efficiency, and can continue uninterrupted in the storm, wind environment work. Dust, moisture level reached the national standard. 4, the density of the data collection 1 ~ 60 minutes can be set according to the observation;

5, automatic meteorological station master collector can receive multiple sensors. Channels can be up to 10 - 20. Automatic storage upload automatically.

6, a variety of communication methods, through standards such as USB/RS232 / RS485 communication interface with PDA, notebook computers and other equipment at the scene read data, also can realize local long distance ( 1000 meters or less) Data communication.

7, data acquisition unit adopts high performance microprocessor as the master CPU, large internal memory capacity, portable shockproof structure, industrial control standard design, suit to be used in harsh industrial or outdoor environment, and have power outage protection function, power cuts after stored data is not lost, when ac power failure, powered by solar panels and rechargeable batteries, can work continuously more than 48 hours.

8, automatic meteorological station monitoring system management software can run over the Windows xp system environment, real-time monitor display various data, connected to the printer automatically printed data storage, data storage format for EXCEL or PDF standard file formats, can generate the data chart, call for other software.

9, advanced network base station stationing mode, can realize multipoint monitoring station and net, can satisfy the LAN inside view data sharing, also can through the GSM/GPRS/CDMA wireless network mode to realize long-distance remote monitoring; At the same time available usb/memory stick tools such as mobile storage technology.

10, the observed meteorological elements can be arbitrarily selected according to customer's actual demand, are free to customize the six elements, seven, eight elements of automatic weather stations.

11。 Observation stents have three foot type and vehicular two kinds, stainless steel materials, surface brightness processing, never rust corrosion in the climate environment, weighing less than 5 kg, easy to carry, exquisite technology to increase a bright highlight on the site.

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