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The classification of meteorological observatory

by:Rika Sensors     2020-09-07

the classification of the meteorological observatory, the classification of the observation ground observations of meteorological observation stations according to undertake business attribute and function is divided into national reference climatological stations, national basic weather stations, the national general weather stations, in addition to unattended station. Undertake the task of meteorological radiation observation station, how much according to the observation of the project is divided into primary, secondary and tertiary stand.

- national reference climatological station - - - - - - Hereinafter referred to as the benchmark. Is according to national climatic regionalization, and to meet the requirements of the global climate observation system, to obtain a fully representative of the long-term, continuous climate data and set the climate observatory, is the backbone of the national climate station network. When necessary, undertake the task observation service test.

the national basic weather stations - - Hereinafter referred to as basic stand. Is according to the needs of the national climate analysis and weather forecast of meteorological observatory, mostly for regional or national meteorological information exchange task, is the national weather weather station network in the body.

the national general weather stations - - Hereinafter referred to as general station. By the province ( Autonomous regions and municipalities) Administrative Settings of ground meteorological observatory, obtain the observation data is mainly used in the province ( Autonomous regions and municipalities) And the local meteorological service, also is the national weather climate observation data network.

unattended station - - No one stand for short. Is where inconvenience to establish artificial observatory, the use of automatic weather stations established unmanned meteorological observatory, is used to the weather climate space encryption, network observation projects and transmitting schedule time can be set according to need. Also can deploy mobile ground meteorological observatory, the temporary meteorological operations and services need to organize the ground meteorological observation.

1, stand - weather radiation level - Total radiation and scattering of radiation, the sun direct radiation and reflection radiation and net radiation observed radiation observatories.

observation station 2-2, meteorological radiation - Total radiation and net radiation all observations of radiation observatories.

3, stand - weather radiation level 3 - Only for total radiation observation of radiation observatories.

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