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The cold wave hits, temperature and humidity sensors help highway anti-icing and smooth

by:Rika Sensors     2021-09-25
The cold wave hits, temperature and humidity sensors help highway anti-icing and smooth
The New Year's Eve cold wave arrives tonight. According to forecasts by the Meteorological Department, under the influence of strong cold air, there will be cold wave weather tonight to the 31st, with large-scale rain and snow, strong cooling and strong winds, severe freezing damage, and obvious snow and road icing in some areas. In fact, in the past few days, the adverse impact of road icing caused by low temperature on travel traffic has already appeared.

At 6:59 on the 26th, @Qingdaojiaozhouwan expressway traffic police issued a news: 6:44 the cross-sea bridge was temporarily closed due to icing on the road.

Immediately afterwards, @Qingdao Airport Expressway Travel Service Platform issued a message: After receiving the traffic police notice, the new airport expressway (S62) was temporarily closed due to icy roads.

Ice roads will adversely affect transportation, facility agriculture, urban operations, residents’ lives, water surface and outdoor operations, etc., so defense and protection work must be done. With the development of the Internet of Things technology, sensors are used in all walks of life. Among them, temperature and humidity sensors have become a new 'artifact' for highway anti-icing and smoothness.

Anti-ice protection has always been the key task of highway maintenance. In order to ensure the safety and smooth flow of roads in the jurisdiction, the previous maintenance method was to place a thermometer on the bridge in the jurisdiction before the arrival of severe weather. Inspectors should always pay attention to the thermometers installed on the bridges. They usually check the temperature of the bridge deck on site every one or two hours, regardless of day or night, and provide timely feedback to the conservation center. According to the feedback, the corresponding anti-icing measures are taken, which is time-consuming and labor-intensive and there will be situations where the monitoring is not timely.

Currently, a temperature and humidity sensor is used to monitor the temperature and humidity of the road surface. The temperature and humidity sensor is composed of an internal sensor chip, a data processing module, and a network communication module. According to the actual conditions of the road section, a temperature and humidity sensor is installed on the road barrier to obtain real-time temperature and humidity data of the road surface and upload it to the cloud service platform through the communication module. The temperature and humidity of the monitoring point can be checked anytime and anywhere with mobile phones, tablets, computers, etc. data. The cloud service platform has functions such as electronic map, real-time data viewing, historical data query, site sorting, statistical analysis, etc. It can set multi-level user access with different permissions, and can set the upper and lower alarm limits in advance. Once the data exceeds the limit, it will be sent via SMS or email Alarm in other ways.

The use of temperature and humidity sensors can effectively solve the problems of high investment, long time-consuming, and poor safety in previous manual inspections, and greatly reduce the cost of maintenance inspections, improve the work efficiency and safety factor of inspection operations, and are effective for implementation. Anti-ice protection provides a scientific basis.

In bad weather, travel safely. The editor hereby reminds drivers and friends: Try to minimize unnecessary trips in bad weather. If you do have a trip plan, please plan your time reasonably, choose day trips as much as possible, and reduce night driving. At the same time, if you are driving on a road that is prone to icing, please pay close attention to the LED screen prompts and signs on the road, reduce the speed, control the distance between vehicles, reduce unnecessary overtaking and lane changes, and use the lights correctly; if you encounter a controlled road while driving , Please be sure to follow the instructions of the law enforcement officers on the spot, line up to observe the traffic, do not intersperse and stop at random.

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