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The composition and function of the temperature and humidity monitoring system in the school computer room

by:Rika Sensors     2021-09-25
The composition and function of the temperature and humidity monitoring system in the school computer room
With the development of computer, communication and network technology, the communication equipment of the school’s voice computer room and computer room cannot meet the actual needs. The number and scale of new equipment are increasing geometrically, and the load pressure of the school computer room is also increasing day by day, especially It is the central computer room responsible for the school's network services and database services. As the core part of the school's various business information management, it has a great responsibility.

The temperature and humidity of the computer room is one of the important indicators in the data center environment of the computer room. The heat generated by the equipment in the computer room is very large, and it is the main heat source in the computer room. If the computer room temperature is too high, it will have a huge impact on the school's various information office management and school network services. Therefore, it is very necessary to strengthen the environmental monitoring of the school's central computer room and use the temperature and humidity monitoring system of the computer room to monitor and alarm the abnormal conditions of the computer room at any time.

The computer room environment monitoring system is a computer network composed of computer network technology, database technology, communication technology, automatic control technology, new sensor technology, etc. It provides a computer technology-based and centralized management monitoring system. Mode of automation, intelligence and high-efficiency technical means.

1. Monitoring objects and composition of the temperature and humidity system in the computer room

In addition, there are power distribution, UPS, smoke, video, access control, and fire fighting systems.

1. Computer room temperature and humidity: by installing 86 housing temperature and humidity sensors, to monitor the real-time temperature and humidity of each computer room environment, when the data exceeds the limit, alarm and control the air conditioning controller to adjust the temperature.

2. Water leakage detection: There are two monitoring methods for water immersion sensors, one is point-type water leakage detection, and the other is line-type water leakage detection. Taking into account the particularity of the computer room environment, it is recommended to use the line Type water immersion sensor detects water leakage near precision air conditioners, windows, water pipes, etc., and alarms in time.

3. Automatic control of air conditioner: Considering that the computer room needs to work continuously all year round, it is inevitable that there will be omissions in human control. Adjust the switch of the air conditioner to ensure that the temperature and humidity of the computer room are in a balanced state.

Second, the function of the computer room temperature and humidity monitoring system

1. Centralized real-time monitoring function

The traditional computer room management adopts a fixed-time and fixed-point inspection system, such as one inspection in the morning and evening. In addition, manual recording is performed and then archived. However, the data is only for a specific period of time, and the work is monotonous and wastes manpower. The centralized real-time monitoring function can solve this problem.

2. Alarm and event function

Alarm refers to abnormal conditions in the operation of the computer room, such as power failure, water leakage, etc. The occurrence of an alarm means that the operation of the computer room is affected.

3. User management function

The user management is mainly to manage the authority of the users of the monitoring system to prevent unauthorized personnel from modifying parameter settings or viewing at will. However, authorization requires hierarchical control, and users of different levels can only perform operations permitted within their own level.

4. Running history data recording and trend function

For the school computer room manager, in addition to the system's alarm function, another important function of the system is the history data and trend function. Because the computer room is just a place for storing computers and network equipment, the number and models of the equipment in the computer room will change over time. According to the current trend, it is generally more and more. Therefore, from the perspective of computer room management, it is necessary to be able to have historical data on the operation of the equipment in the computer room, so that development trends and hidden troubles can be found through analysis. Thereby greatly improving the management level of the computer room.

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