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The construction site is full of dust and does not meet the standards? Dust monitoring system is easy to get

by:Rika Sensors     2021-10-20
The construction site is full of dust and is not up to the standard? Easy to get the dust monitoring system
With the continuous development of the economy, various urban infrastructures have been gradually constructed and perfected. High-rise buildings have risen almost overnight, and urbanization has taken great strides forward. But! Following him is the dust pollution caused by construction, raw material accumulation, loading and unloading, and transportation at various construction sites.

When you pass a construction site under construction, pay close attention, you will find a 'wonderland' filled with dust. If there is a breeze blowing at this time, the dust of water vapor will rush to you enthusiastically Come, form an even layer of 'patina' on your body. Not only that, the dust from the construction site also has a certain impact on the surrounding road environment and the image of the city. At the same time, noise and solid waste during the construction of the construction site have also seriously affected the normal life and health of the surrounding people.

Therefore, in order to protect the environment and build the image of the city, the environmental protection departments of various cities have successively issued the 'Construction Fugitive Dust Control PlanThe construction unit installs environmental monitoring equipment on the construction site and requires real-time environmental monitoring data to be uploaded to the government environmental protection platform. The citizens applauded this move, but the construction unit was also worried, 'We will buy the equipment, but we don’t know how to upload it?'

So! In order to solve the problems of the majority of construction units, provide a one-stop dust monitoring system solution. Compared with the traditional dust monitoring, the dust monitoring system provides a free cloud platform that can be connected to the government platform. One-stop service makes it easy to monitor, Monitoring and control are both hands-on, and pragmatically solve the problem of dust pollution on the construction site.

The dust monitoring system is composed of a noise and dust monitoring station, a transmission system, a monitoring software cloud platform and a spray system (fog cannon), which can monitor the PM2.5, PM10, ambient temperature and humidity, wind speed, wind direction and wind Real-time monitoring of 10 elements such as monitoring and noise monitoring; transmitted to the monitoring platform via GPRS/4G network, and has over-limit alarm and intelligent linkage functions to realize automatic monitoring and control.

1. Fugitive dust monitoring station

RS-ZSYC*-* has one-way shutter box to collect temperature and humidity, PM2.5, PM10 and other elements, each with wind speed, wind direction and four gas One way of collection, one way of relay output, can be connected to equipment such as fog cannons, pendant sprayers, etc., using high-quality anti-ultraviolet materials, at the same time completely waterproof, high protection level, suitable for working in outdoor environments such as construction sites.

Product features

1. Large high-brightness LED screen, real-time display of current environment data on site, clear and impressive from 20 meters away.

2. Standard design, poles and equipment meet the height requirements of EIA, standard beam installation, can withstand typhoons, and have strong wind resistance.

3. The use of digital signal processing system has the advantages of high detection accuracy, stable performance, low power consumption, waterproof, corrosion-resistant, strong magnetic interference, and lightning protection.

4. A variety of signal output functions, which can display data through LED screens, and upload real-time data to environmental monitoring cloud platforms and government environmental protection monitoring centers through GPRS/4G, Ethernet, and RS485 communication methods.

Second, monitoring software

In order to facilitate users to remotely view and manage data, our company has specially developed a dust monitoring cloud platform, which users can use for free. It has a computer web terminal, mobile APP, WeChat official account, etc. A terminal login method that can accept real-time data uploaded by the dust monitoring station, and supports data display, storage, analysis, export and other functions. It can be linked with on-site fog cannons, tower crane sprays and other facilities. Once the standard is exceeded, it will automatically link to realize remote automatic control. .

Third, system advantages

1. Ten monitoring data, one set. The dust monitoring station has ten detection elements of PM2.5, PM10, noise, customs, wind direction, wind force, temperature, humidity, and TSP atmospheric pressure. With built-in high-precision sensors, it can automatically collect various weather in the construction environment without interruption. Data.

2. Mobile APP configuration, real-time monitoring. After the equipment is installed, the recorder parameters can be set through the mobile phone APP, and the environmental monitoring cloud platform can also be logged in through the mobile phone to monitor and control the detection system in real time.

3. Exceeding standard linkage, more worry-free. Once the equipment monitoring data exceeds the limit, the fog cannon and other facilities will be automatically linked to reduce dust, realize remote automatic control, and save manpower.

5. Free access to government platforms. Users who have successfully purchased products only need to provide the interface agreement of the local government platform to the sales staff, and our company can help users develop and connect with the local environmental protection platform for free.

6. Support customization. In order to better adapt to the monitoring needs of different application fields, the noise and dust monitoring station can be arbitrarily matched with any of the ten elements according to user needs, and can be customized and expanded according to user needs.

The pace of urbanization construction has been moving forward. The rapid development of cities, dust and harsh noise are indispensable, but this is only a process, not a result. What the dust monitoring system can do is to try its best to reduce and control noise dust pollution in this process. 'Rome was not built in a day.' To win the battle to defend the blue sky, we all need to work together.

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