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The development direction of smart agriculture and the application of sensor technology

by:Rika Sensors     2021-11-10
The development direction of smart agriculture and the application of sensor technology
People rely on food as their heaven. Since ancient times, the food production situation has been extremely important in China, where the population density is high and the per capita arable land area is relatively small. With the development of science and technology, agriculture has played an important role in the development of the national economy. In recent years, with the development of science and technology and the advent of the era of artificial intelligence, the term 'smart agriculture' has gradually developed and has become an important part of the modern agricultural process. In the context of the rapid development of modern technology, sensors, as an important tool for modern intelligence, have played an important role in promoting the realization of smart agriculture.

1. The development direction of smart agriculture

Smart agriculture is the deep integration of Internet of Things technology and traditional agriculture, the most important of which is sensor technology. Through sensors, it is possible to get rid of the constraints of natural factors such as weather, and to realize remote scientific monitoring in fields such as fields, greenhouses, aquatic products and animal husbandry, effectively reducing manpower consumption. It can also use scientific analysis to improve the ability of the entire agriculture to resist disasters and increase crop yields. Agricultural sensors have led traditional agricultural production to the road of smart agriculture development that is intelligent, automated and remotely controlled.

Although the development of smart agriculture in our country is still in the growth stage compared with the world, it also means that there is a large space for value. China's smart agriculture started late, but its development speed is particularly fast, thanks to the support of China's policies and land policies. At the same time, new changes in China's agriculture are centered on smart agriculture. Smart agriculture is the ultimate goal of China's agricultural industrialization. It not only solves the problem of increasing farmers' income, but also solves the food problem of China's population growth.

Second, the concept of agricultural sensors

Sensor (English name: transducer/sensor) is a detection device that can sense the measured information, and can transform the sensed information into electricity according to a certain rule. Signal or other required forms of information output to meet the requirements of information transmission, processing, storage, display, recording and control.

Agricultural sensors are an important part of smart agriculture monitoring. They are used to convert agricultural environmental factors and other non-electrical physical quantities into electrical signals recognized by the control system, and provide judgment and processing basis for smart agriculture. The main technical indicators of the sensor are : Linearity, sensitivity hysteresis, repeatability, resolution, drift, accuracy, etc.

3. Application of sensor technology in smart agriculture

The development of modern smart agriculture is closely related to sensor technology. However, the quality of sensors produced on the market is uneven, and the performance selection of sensors also affects the improvement of agricultural productivity. Most of the sensors used in smart agriculture need to face a relatively harsh environment, so sensors with low power consumption, corrosion resistance and good low temperature resistance are required. In addition, due to the limitations of the agricultural production environment and the cognitive deficiencies of most farmers' friends on sensor technology, we should try our best to choose a sensor that is simple in installation, convenient to carry, stable, and has a short calibration cycle.

Most of the agricultural sensors are more convenient to operate, and they are mainly composed of environmental sensors. The so-called environmental sensor mainly monitors and analyzes the environment in which plants such as moisture, soil, air, etc. grow, to understand environmental changes in time, and to ensure that the growth of plants and the quality of crops reach the appropriate level of growth. At present, commonly used agricultural sensors mainly include temperature sensors, humidity sensors, pH sensors, gas sensors, biological sensors, photoelectric sensors, and pressure sensors.

Although my country's smart agriculture is still at the initial stage of monitoring environmental factors, I firmly believe that in the next 20 years, agricultural sensor technology will shine, and it will be the golden age of China's smart agriculture explosion.

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