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The development of pest monitoring system in the information age

by:Rika Sensors     2021-11-18
The development of pest monitoring system in the information age
The information age has brought new development opportunities for agricultural informatization. For example, in the field of agricultural plant protection, under the influence of network and informationization, the pest monitoring system has derived the pest monitoring system, which realizes the automatic collection and automatic wireless network transmission of the pest situation data, real-time reproduction of those who are not on-site. It can monitor the occurrence trend of field pests at any time, which effectively improves the timeliness and accuracy of pest reports.

The introduction of modern information technology has completely transformed traditional agricultural plant protection methods, making plant protection work more effective, and has played a positive role in the catastrophe, prevention and control of agricultural crops.

After the informationization of insect situation monitoring, the application functions of insect situation monitoring have gradually increased. For example, the insect situation monitoring system can establish the local insect situation by collecting, transmitting, collecting and processing the information of each collection point. The forecasting and early warning system greatly improves the scientificity, accuracy and timeliness of the forecasting of various crop pest conditions, and plays a positive role in the prevention and control of agricultural crop pest conditions. In addition, the system can effectively reduce the work pressure and work intensity of plant protection personnel in various regions, improve the level of pest monitoring in grassroots departments, and play an important role in ensuring the safety and efficient production of local agricultural crops.

Insect situation monitoring system

The insect situation monitoring and reporting instrument developed by wireless transmission technology and Internet of Things technology can upload environmental weather and pest situation to the agricultural cloud platform to analyze and analyze the occurrence and development of pests. Prediction, to provide services for modern agriculture, to meet the needs of insect forecasting and specimen collection.

The composition of the pest monitoring system

The pest monitoring system consists of a pest trapping system, a processing system (infrared insecticide, pest drying, tiled transmission), a photographing system, a transmission system, and an agricultural pest monitoring system composition.

Without unsupervised conditions, the pest monitoring instrument can automatically complete operations such as trapping, killing insects, dispersing insects, photographing, transmitting, collecting, draining, etc., and uploading the pest categories and counting status to agriculture in real time. Insect situation forecasting platform, and displayed on the web side, according to the identification results, analysis and prediction of the occurrence and development of insect pests.

The working principle of the pest monitor

The pest monitor uses the principle of black light trapping to trap pests, and then uses far infrared to treat the pests (the lethal rate of pest treatment is not less than 98%, The insect body integrity rate is not less than 95%), kill the pests, and then enter the drying bin for secondary treatment to more effectively complete the insect body preservation work. The insects enter the dispersing and tiling mechanism, and the insects are evenly scattered and spread on the conveyor belt through vibration. The conveyor belt accurately transports the insects to the photographing area, ensuring that each insect feature can be clearly photographed, laying a good foundation for AI recognition ; The high-definition camera automatically completes the photographing and imaging, and uses the 4G network to upload to the insect situation monitoring platform for AI identification and statistical analysis.

Pest monitoring system application scenarios

The product can be widely used in: farmland areas, forestry, animal husbandry, vegetable gardens, tobacco planting areas, tea gardens, medicinal material planting areas, gardens, fruit gardens, urban green areas And other fields.

The application of the insect situation monitoring system makes the early warning and reporting of the insect situation simple, which not only greatly reduces the workload of the growers, improves labor efficiency, but also effectively improves the timeliness and accuracy of the insect situation information acquisition It provides strong support for agricultural production. The pest monitoring system effectively predicts pest disasters, guides farmers to scientifically and rationally prevent pests, and provides a strong guarantee for safe agricultural production. At the same time, it is of great significance to promote green prevention and control and realize pesticide reduction and efficiency enhancement.

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