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The dust monitoring system blew the decisive charge in the blue sky defense battle

by:Rika Sensors     2021-10-13
The dust monitoring system blew the decisive charge in the blue sky defense battle
With the arrival of the first snow in Jinan, my country's 'Blue Sky Defense' air pollution prevention and control work has also entered a decisive stage. The daily air index has become a beating heartbeat, always affecting the nerves of the environmental department staff.

After the 'Blue Sky Defense' was launched in 2017, the Chinese government required all construction sites to install a dust monitoring system to monitor the concentration of pollutants in real time to reduce dust pollution. With the gradual implementation of policies and monitoring equipment, my country’s atmospheric environmental quality, especially in the urban areas of Jinan, has improved significantly beyond people’s expectations. Friends who often pay attention to ambient air quality will find that the frequency of 'Jinan Blue' has already appeared. Significantly higher than before 2017.

According to the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, from January to December of this year, Jinan’s PM2.5 and comprehensive index improvements both ranked first in the province; this year’s PM2.5 concentration averaged 58 micrograms/cubic meter. Among the 7 transmission channel cities, the concentration is the lowest. The city's 'Eco-environmental protection action' has achieved a phased breakthrough.

Why choose to install a dust monitoring system?

In addition to the sensing layer and the transmission layer, the dust detection system has designed hierarchical management functions for different management levels in the application layer, and provides software functions suitable for hierarchical management. The specific functions of the Environmental Protection Agency are as follows:

1. Real-time monitoring of environmental data

The dust monitoring system environmental monitoring cloud platform can display online monitoring data in real time, including PM2.5/10, noise, and meteorological parameters Etc. And display real-time, 24-hour or any time period monitoring data, hourly averages, etc. in the form of curves, charts, etc.

2. Automatically generate statistical report function

Automatically count the set time average, and can automatically generate and store: basic statistical reports include daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual, including average , Maximum and minimum values, over-standard rate and over-standard multiples and other statistical data.

3. Real-time data query function

You can query the historical monitoring results of the same monitoring point in any time period, specifically: you can query the historical monitoring results of different monitoring points in the same area; you can query the same time at different monitoring points The monitoring data and query results are displayed in two ways: icons and reports. And you can use the 485 line to connect to the computer, export all the monitoring results in Excel format, which is convenient for data archiving, sorting and analysis.

4. Exceeding standard alarm reminder

Different alarm standards can be set according to the environmental sensitivity of the location of the monitoring site, the difference in management requirements, etc., when the monitoring data reaches the corresponding standard, a corresponding alarm will be generated. An alarm information handler can be set for each site. When an alarm is generated, an information notification can be automatically sent to the handler. The handler can log in to the system and enter the processing status of the alarm, and the system can query statistical alarm processing status.

5. Data comparison analysis

Realize the comparison of the concentration of particulate matter at different monitoring points, the comparison of the concentration of particulate matter in different areas, and the comparison of different project types and construction periods, so that the environmental supervision department can compare the dust pollution situation of each project in the jurisdiction. , In order to make reasonable and targeted environmental supervision decisions.

6. Trend analysis

Through real-time and historical trend analysis, the system can understand the dust pollution situation in a certain period of time in the place, so as to provide scientific basis for supervision, integrate meteorological parameters, and according to past dust dynamics The function model of change analysis and accumulation can make intelligent prediction and real-time warning of the expected air pollution situation.

7. Basic information management of the site

The basic monitoring information such as the number of monitoring points, the location of the monitoring points, the area occupied, and the person in charge of the project can be accurately inquired according to the administrative management area.

8. Data sharing

Combined with the real-time collection, sorting, wireless upload and sharing of multi-dimensional data, according to the application mode of customized data provided by various regulatory departments, realizing multi-department based on big data applications ] Joint supervision.

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