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The effect of a good temperature and humidity monitoring system on the warehouse

by:Rika Sensors     2021-09-09
The effect of a good temperature and humidity monitoring system on the warehouse
A good storage environment needs to take into account factors such as temperature, cleanliness, air flow, waterproofing, and fire prevention. Among them, the influence of air temperature and humidity is the most important. The quality of the temperature and humidity environment in the warehouse is directly related to the quality of the warehouse. And safety, reasonable control of the temperature and humidity in the warehouse is the primary task for good warehouse storage. In order to better observe and grasp the changes in temperature and humidity, the warehouse needs to install temperature and humidity sensors to monitor the temperature and humidity status in real time to ensure a suitable temperature and humidity environment for cargo storage.

To do a good job in warehouse temperature and humidity management, we must first learn and master the temperature and humidity control range in the warehouse. Generally, the warehouse temperature and humidity control range has the following three regulations.

1. The temperature of an ordinary warehouse should be maintained at 25±3 degrees.

2. When the temperature of the ordinary warehouse is higher than the allowable upper limit (38 degrees) or equal to or lower than the allowable lower limit (0 degrees), the environmental control equipment should be started immediately to take measures such as cooling and heating.

3. When the humidity of the ordinary warehouse exceeds the allowable upper limit (85%), the management personnel should take corresponding measures in time to maintain the normal humidity of the warehouse.

In order to maintain the good quality of the stored goods and create an environment suitable for the storage of goods, when the temperature and humidity in the warehouse are suitable for the storage of goods, we must try to prevent the adverse effects of the climate outside the warehouse on the warehouse; when the temperature and humidity in the warehouse are not When suitable for commodity storage, effective measures must be taken to adjust the temperature and humidity in the warehouse in time. Adjust the influence caused by outdoor temperature and humidity, or the influence of temperature and humidity caused by people entering and leaving. To ensure proper temperature and humidity to store warehouse goods, temperature and humidity sensors are needed. To this end, the warehouse temperature and humidity monitoring system was introduced. The warehouse temperature and humidity monitoring was realized by installing temperature and humidity sensors in various areas of the warehouse, and the data was uploaded to the cloud platform. The deployment of suitable environment allows the goods in the warehouse to be better stored.

The front-end collection of the warehouse temperature and humidity monitoring system uses the NB-IOT temperature and humidity sensor (RS-WS-NB-2), which is a battery-powered ultra-low power consumption based on the NB-IOT network A new type of temperature and humidity sensor for the Internet of Things, which has high accuracy and good stability.

Built-in large-capacity battery, which can support continuous use for 3 years, comes with a NB card, including 5 years of data charges. NB-IoT network is currently a new type of cellular-based narrowband Internet of Things, which has the characteristics of low power consumption and wide coverage, so it has a higher connection quality. The data is uploaded to the cloud platform through the NB-IOT network, and then through the RS-DCEN-M communication server, through the user's on-site control system plc interface, to obtain real-time data of warehouse temperature and humidity for on-site control according to the actual situation. Realize the wireless real-time centralized monitoring requirements and on-site control of multiple scattered and distant temperature and humidity monitoring points at the same time.

Once the temperature value in the environment exceeds the limit, the system will promptly send a linkage to turn on the air conditioning command to cool or heat to achieve automatic control; once the temperature value in the environment exceeds the limit, the system will promptly send a command to turn on the dehumidification equipment in a timely manner. Realize automatic control.

System features:

1. It can continuously collect and record the temperature and humidity parameters of each measuring point 24 hours a day, display and record and store the monitoring information in real-time digitally and graphically, and the system is fully automatic operation without Personnel on duty.

2. The system has rich functions, simple interface layout, comprehensive content, real-time data query or historical data query, curve display, and alarm forms include automatic equipment alarm, SMS alarm, platform alarm, electronic map and rich customization functions. Meet the needs of various monitoring functions.

3. Combined with the relevant on-site temperature and humidity control equipment to realize the monitoring and automatic control of the on-site temperature and humidity, so as to realize the intelligent, automatic, systematic and networked temperature and humidity monitoring.

4. Abundant users Management function, users can set different management authority, realize the software operation management of partition, classification, and authority. High authority can view various parameters in different areas and modify related parameters, and low authority can only view the designated The data of the area can be modified to the parameter settings.

5. The temperature and humidity changes of the monitoring points can be viewed online through the computer, and remote monitoring and control can also be performed through the mobile phone APP. The system can not only be monitored in the duty room, but also can be easily viewed and monitored at home.

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