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The environmental monitoring system of the power distribution room can easily ensure the safe operation of the power distribution room

by:Rika Sensors     2021-09-01
The environmental monitoring system of the power distribution room can easily ensure the safe operation of the power distribution room
The power distribution room is an indispensable public system in the production process of an enterprise. It undertakes the important function of supplying power and distributing electric energy for the production and work of the enterprise. When the temperature and humidity in the environment of the power distribution room are too high, it may It will cause damage to the equipment, accelerate the aging of the wires and even cause the danger of connecting electricity and explosion. When the power distribution room leaks, if it is not found in time, it will cause the equipment to be damaged. Regional power failure.

Common hidden dangers and protective measures in power distribution rooms

1. Common hidden dangers in power distribution rooms

1. Hidden dangers of temperature and humidity: due to high temperature and humidity, electronic components will age in advance

2, water leakage Hidden hazards: water leakage and water seepage hazards caused by long rains during the flood season

3. Hazards of air conditioning control: the air conditioner cannot adjust the temperature and humidity in time according to the environment of the power distribution room, resulting in equipment failure

4. Fire hazards: caused by untimely smoke monitoring Fire hazards

5. Power supply hazards: After an accident occurs in the power distribution room, the problem of unsustainable power supply

2. The power distribution room environmental monitoring system and corresponding protective measures

The system consists of temperature and humidity sensors, water immersion sensors, air conditioning controllers, air quality sensors and other detection equipment, monitoring host and monitoring platform. It can collect real-time environmental data of the power distribution room and upload it to the monitoring software platform to form remote centralized monitoring + data The analysis + intelligent intervention mode realizes the full information collection, automatic operation management and safety protection of the power distribution room.

Power distribution room sensors and protective measures

1. Temperature and humidity sensor: real-time monitoring of temperature and humidity data in the power distribution room to prevent equipment damage caused by excessive indoor temperature and humidity. High temperature and humidity will reduce the performance of electronic components, shorten the service life, and reduce the insulation performance. High temperature will also cause abnormal downtime of the server in the power distribution room.

2. Water immersion sensor: It can monitor and alarm for water leakage. Especially in the summer rainy season, it can effectively avoid water leakage and prevent immeasurable losses to the computer room.

3. Air-conditioning controller: The air-conditioning controller can effectively solve the heat dissipation problem of the computer room. Through various air-conditioning systems, it can remotely control the indoor air-conditioning and adjust the temperature and humidity of the power distribution room.

4. Smoke sensor: The smoke sensor is used for fire safety monitoring, fire prevention and high temperature prevention, and detection of smoke generated when a fire occurs. Relevant data shows that the installation of smoke sensors can avoid 90% of fire accidents.

5. Environmental monitoring host: data is collected and uploaded to the environmental monitoring platform, supporting multiple data transmission methods such as RS485, Ethernet, and GPRS. At the same time, it has the function of data storage after power failure, and data upload after power supply is restored.

Environmental monitoring platform for power distribution room

In order to be able to view the real-time data of each monitoring element more systematically and facilitate management, the environmental monitoring system is equipped with an environmental monitoring platform that can view and automatically check the data in real time. Make an analysis. Once the safety value is exceeded, an alarm will be triggered immediately, and the relevant management personnel will be notified through sound and light alarms, SMS alarms, etc., and corresponding treatments will be made in time to ensure the safe operation of the power distribution room.

Environmental monitoring platform supports computer terminal and mobile phone APP and other ways to log in to view management, remote log in to control the operation of equipment and related parameter settings; it can also be connected to monitoring cameras, real-time video monitoring of the situation in the power distribution room. The platform can query historical data and export data, which is convenient for later use.

Advantages of the environmental monitoring system

Real-time remote monitoring: Compared with traditional manual patrol detection, the environmental monitoring system of the distribution room can realize remote real-time monitoring of the entire distribution room environment and equipment Operating conditions, reduce manpower, and achieve the goal of few people on duty or even unattended.

Intelligent over-limit alarm: You can set the upper and lower limits of each environmental monitoring element data by yourself. Once the limit is exceeded, the sound and light alarm, text message and voice alarm will be triggered immediately, historical alarm records can be checked, no alarm information is lost, and the alarm is accurate The rate is 100%.

Configuration management: It can be connected to the access control, air conditioning, monitoring, fire protection and other systems to realize the automation, intelligence and high efficiency of the centralized management and monitoring mode.

The safety monitoring of the power distribution room ensures that it can support the stable operation of the power distribution equipment, enhance the reliability and self-healing ability of the power grid, and then ensure that all aspects of our lives can be carried out in an orderly manner.

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