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The flood sensor unlocks a new solution for monitoring water leakage in the computer room

by:Rika Sensors     2021-12-05
The flood sensor unlocks a new solution for monitoring water leakage in the computer room
With the emergence of computers in the middle of the last century, the term computer room came into being. With the continuous development of computer technology in our country, the supporting computer rooms are also developing rapidly. With the continuous development of the computer room, some problems have gradually been exposed. For example: water leakage in the computer room.

In the computer room, these high-precision electrical equipment are extremely sensitive to water. Once a water leak occurs, the equipment will be damaged to varying degrees. We can also see from some reports that some computer room fire accidents are caused by water leakage. It was discovered in time that a major accident that caused a short circuit in the computer room and caused the entire computer room to burn down occurred. Therefore, real-time monitoring of whether there is liquid leakage in the computer room has become the primary task of the computer room operation and maintenance management personnel, and the computer room leakage monitoring system has also become one of the essential basic guarantee systems in the computer room's comprehensive operation and maintenance management system.

So what are the reasons for water leakage in the computer room?

1. Leakage or leakage of walls and roofs;

2. Water pipes or fire-fighting system pipes in the computer room are blocked and leaked;

3. Water in the computer room caused by imperfect doors and windows on rainy days;

4. Leakage of the heating equipment in the computer room;

5. Leakage of the generator in the computer room;

6. The drain pipe of the air conditioner has been used for a long time, causing the plastic to age and crack.

If the hidden dangers of water leakage in the computer room are investigated in advance and protective measures are taken, the occurrence of water leakage can be avoided. So, how to effectively monitor water leakage in the computer room?

Computer room water leakage monitoring solution

The computer room water leakage monitoring solution can help operation and maintenance personnel find leaks in time, pinpoint the location of the leak, remind computer room managers to deal with it in time, and ensure the safe operation of the computer room. The computer room water leakage monitoring solution consists of a rail shell water immersion sensor, a computer room environment monitoring host, and a cloud platform. The data is collected through RS485 to the computer room environment monitoring host and then uploaded to the cloud platform through GPRS/4G. Realize the functions of centralized monitoring, remote control, real-time data query, and fault warning of the computer room.

(1) Rail shell water immersion sensor

The core equipment of the equipment room leakage monitoring solution is the rail shell water immersion sensor independently developed by the company. The monitoring is achieved by laying a water leakage sensor rope in the possible water leakage area. Real-time monitoring of water leakage in the area. Once water leakage occurs, it will trigger the flood sensor to report the danger, and the gateway will send out an audible and visual alarm. At the same time, the alarm information will be sent to the cloud platform or mobile phone APP and an alarm will be issued to remind people to take timely measures to prevent Water leakage problem and prevent property loss.

The rail shell water immersion sensor (RS-SJ-N01R01-4) uses unique AC sampling technology to accurately distinguish whether water immersion occurs, because it adopts alternating current detection, even if the electrode is immersed for a long time, it will not produce Electrophoresis polarization does not rely on special electrodes to achieve long life and reliable detection. It adopts 485 communication interface standard Mobus-RTU communication protocol, which can be connected to the field configuration system or PLC; with 1 relay normally open point output, it is convenient to connect to the field equipment, standard DIN35mm rail installation, easy to install.

Widely used in communication base stations, hotels, restaurants, computer rooms, libraries, archives, warehouses, equipment cabinets, and other places that require water accumulation and alarm

(2) Computer room environment monitoring host< /p>The computer room environment monitoring host is a 24-hour real-time monitoring multi-function monitoring host specially developed by our company for the computer room environment. This equipment can detect faults in time, reduce the number of staff on duty in the computer room, and make the management of the computer room environment more convenient. The host can connect all of our company's RS485 sensors to the monitoring host through the RS485 interface, and upload the data to the cloud platform provided by our company or the customer's own server in real time. The device supports GPRS (optional 4G), Ethernet, RS485 wired and other methods to upload data, users can choose the corresponding model products according to actual needs.

(3) Cloud platform

The cloud platform can realize real-time monitoring of the location, equipment type and real-time data of the leakage monitoring point in the computer room. It can also be managed through information terminals such as mobile phones, Pads, and computers. The user pushes real-time monitoring information, historical data curve viewing, and alarm information to facilitate timely maintenance by staff and improve the stability and reliability of the entire computer room water leakage environment monitoring solution.

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