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The formaldehyde sensor makes the formaldehyde traceless!

by:Rika Sensors     2021-12-01
The formaldehyde sensor makes the formaldehyde traceless!
Formaldehyde, also known as formic aldehyde, is a natural product widely found in nature. Formaldehyde was first discovered by a Russian scientist in the mid-nineteenth century. Later in 1867, German chemist August Wilhelm von Hoffmann used a platinum catalyst to oxidize methanol in the air to formaldehyde through an oxidation reaction. And confirmed its chemical properties. Today's formaldehyde is widely used in manufacturing industries such as chemical raw materials, textile industry printing and making anticorrosive solutions.

As early as 1995, formaldehyde was identified as a suspected carcinogen by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC). In 2004, formaldehyde was identified as a category 1 carcinogen by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC). The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) of the World Health Organization announced in its publication No. 153 in June 2004 that formaldehyde has risen from category 2 carcinogens to category 1 carcinogens. Using a formaldehyde sensor to monitor the concentration of formaldehyde in the environment in real time is of great help in ensuring the safety of industrial production and protecting the health of daily life.

The formaldehyde sensor is an electrochemical sensor that can monitor the concentration of formaldehyde in the environment in real time. It has the characteristics of high measurement accuracy, fast response speed, long service life, long stability and reliability. The output resolution of the equipment can reach 0.01ppm, and it can be monitored online for 24 hours for a long time. When the concentration of formaldehyde in the environment exceeds the set value, the formaldehyde sensor will send out an alarm signal to remind the work to take safety measures.

There are many industries that use formaldehyde and most of them are household products. Formaldehyde sensors are mainly used in industries or equipment that require long-term online monitoring of formaldehyde concentration, such as smart homes, air cleaners, and air conditioners.

The equipment structure of the formaldehyde sensor

The formaldehyde sensor adopts the prince shell shell, which has good sealing performance, high safety protection level, waterproof and dustproof, to ensure accurate detection results, and the installation is wall-mounted It uses a mobile phone card or a data card installed inside the device to upload data, so there is no need for wiring indoors, so as not to damage the overall indoor decoration effect.

The formaldehyde sensor is designed with fluid mechanics. Air is blown into the sensor from the air inlet, passes through the sensor, and then flows out from the air outlet to complete indoor formaldehyde concentration monitoring at one time. The formaldehyde sensor is equipped with an imported brand electrochemical gas sensor, which reacts quickly and sensitively. After a unique compensation algorithm, it can quickly monitor the indoor formaldehyde concentration.

The alarm function of the formaldehyde sensor

1. The formaldehyde sensor has the functions of real-time data monitoring, over-standard alarm, historical data export and query.

2. It can be connected to an external device, and can send out alarm information through various methods such as sound and light alarm, SMS alarm, LED screen display, etc., to notify the person in charge of maintenance and management in time.

3. The management software provides event query, alarm configuration and query, and environment parameter browsing.

4. The formaldehyde sensor can be connected to other devices through the 485 bus to upload data and other functions.

(1) Through 485 to 232/485 to IC, it can be connected to PLC and single-chip microcomputer.

(2) It can be uploaded to the computer via USB to 485.

Methods to reduce formaldehyde indoors:

In industry, there are professional air purifiers and other measures to control the concentration of formaldehyde, so how do we control the concentration of formaldehyde in our daily lives?

1. Ventilation method: Formaldehyde is a kind of gas, so air circulation will take away part of the formaldehyde. Through the circulation of indoor air, the content of harmful substances in the indoor air can be reduced, thereby reducing the harm of such substances to the human body.

2. Use activated carbon to remove: activated carbon has the advantages of simplicity and low cost. By physically adsorbing formaldehyde, it will not cause secondary pollution and is harmless to the human body. However, it is suitable for spaces with low formaldehyde content and cannot Thoroughly treat pollution sources that release formaldehyde for a long time.

3. Use green plants to repel: Use green plants, such as radix radix, spider plant, etc., to absorb low-level formaldehyde in the room. When the indoor formaldehyde concentration is too high, green plants will not only fail to adsorb, but will Cause the plant's own death.

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