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The function, use method, maintenance and maintenance of cold chain incubator

by:Rika Sensors     2021-10-26
The function, use method, maintenance and maintenance of the cold chain incubator
The medical incubator, also known as the embedded cold chain incubator, is composed of an incubator and a temperature and humidity recorder. It is cooled by placing ice trays and ice boxes inside to ensure that the temperature in the box is in full compliance with the 'Medical Devices' issued by CFDA According to the requirements of the 'Cold Chain (Transport, Storage) Management Guide

The function of the embedded cold chain incubator:

1) The incubator is equipped with a temperature and humidity recorder with LCD display, which can display the temperature in the box in real time. It is updated every minute, and the default data is uploaded to the monitoring platform every 5 minutes; built-in memory, data can be continuously recorded, up to 65,000 records can be recorded.

2) During the transportation of medicines, there may be road sections with poor signals, which may cause the signal to be interrupted and the data cannot be uploaded. At this time, the recorder will store the data in the machine first, and continue to transmit the data to the unit after the signal is restored. The monitoring platform ensures the continuity of data.

3) The recorder has the function of over-limit alarm. Once the temperature in the box reaches the critical value or exceeds the limit, the device will alarm on the spot, sound a buzzing alarm, and also send a short message alert to the staff at the same time. The temperature exceeds the limit, and the device automatically adjusts the data recording interval to once every minute.

4) After the incubator is delivered to the destination, you can use the mobile phone APP to connect to the Shandong PeopleSoft Measurement and Control Cloud Platform to download data, connect to a Bluetooth printer to print temperature data receipts, and record the incubator and data separately and hand it over to the hospital.

The correct use of the embedded cold chain incubator:

1) Take out the 3 ice rows in advance and place them in the freezer ( -18℃~-25℃) Continuous freezing for more than 24 hours (the length of time is related to the freezing capacity of the equipment), until the ice box is completely frozen into a solid.

2) Take out the completely frozen ice row and put it in a 2-8℃ environment (cold storage) for 15 minutes. After the frost on the surface of the ice row has melted, put it in the incubator correctly and place it in accordance with the ice row. Place it in the incubator.

3) Turn on the power of the temperature recorder in the incubator, and when the temperature in the box reaches the temperature (2-8°C) for storing refrigerated medicines, the pre-cooled refrigerated medicines (need to be cooled in advance to below the required temperature) Move into the incubator and place the frozen ice box on top of the incubator, try to avoid direct contact between the ice box and the goods, close the lid and buckle the lock, and turn on the temperature data upload button and the monitoring platform or cloud platform for networking .

4) For applications with very precise temperature requirements, the ice box should be put into the controlled cold storage box first, and the goods should be put into the box after the temperature in the box measured by the thermometer reaches the requirement.
Before using the embedded cold chain incubator, make sure that the inside and outside of the box are clean. Avoid violent impact and squeezing during storage, handling, and transportation. After use, the ice row must be properly placed and kept in the incubator. Keep them in a cool place, avoid direct sunlight, and keep away from high-temperature heat sources to prevent deterioration of plastics.

Use embedded cold chain incubators during transportation to monitor the temperature of refrigerated drugs in real time, and build an over-limit alarm system. When the temperature is abnormal, the staff can understand the situation in time and take corresponding emergency measures. To ensure the quality of medicines and improve the effectiveness of refrigerated medicine transportation.

How to maintain and maintain:
The incubator should be handled with care during storage, handling, transportation, loading and unloading, and avoid violent impact, falling and squeezing;
Before and after use, Keep the inside and outside of the box clean and free of dirt. If there is dirt, use a damp cloth or neutral soap to scrub the box and wash and dry it. It is strictly forbidden to use strong acid, strong alkali or strong oxidizing detergent or disinfectant;
Before use, wipe off the water droplets inside and outside the box to avoid mold growth and odor;
After using the ice drain, wipe off the surface water and place it properly to prevent heavy pressure and impact;
check the ice drain’s cold storage frequently. Whether the liquid is leaking;

The incubator and ice drain should be kept in a cool place, avoid direct sunlight for a long time, and it is strictly prohibited to approach other high-temperature heat sources to prevent aggravation of the plastic;
The digital thermometer on the incubator Avoid water, impact and squeeze; it is strictly forbidden to put the entire incubator in a cold storage or refrigerator for a long time to avoid damage to the digital thermometer due to moisture.

Summer is here, and many foods and medicines need to be transported and stored in the cold chain, so the cold chain incubator is a good choice.

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