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The future development direction and application of gas sensors

by:Rika Sensors     2021-11-22
The future development direction and application of gas sensors
A gas sensor, as its name implies, is a device that converts information such as gas concentration into information that can be used by personnel, instruments, computers, etc. Various gas sensor devices collect gas samples through probes, and then convert the volume fraction of the gas into corresponding electrical signals to achieve the purpose of detection.

In the global market, the demand for gas sensor applications continues to grow. According to the calculations of Qianzhan Industry Research Institute, the compound annual growth rate of gas sensors has remained at about 7.3% from 2016 to 2021. In 2020, the scale of my country's sensor market will be 187.8 billion, but the gas sensor industry share will reach 1/3, totaling more than 60 billion yuan. Since gas sensors account for such a high market share, let's talk about it in combination with specific classifications.

There are many types of gas sensors, and the main ones facing the market are as follows:

1. Optical gas sensors:

Photochemical gas sensors are sensors for gas measurement based on optical principles. It mainly includes infrared absorption type, spectral absorption type, fluorescence type, fiber chemical material type, etc., as well as chemiluminescence type, fiber fluorescence type and fiber waveguide type.

(1) The photochemical sensors are mainly infrared gas sensors. Since the infrared absorption peaks of different gases are different, the gas is detected by measuring and analyzing the infrared absorption peaks. There are fluid switching type, process direct measurement type and Fourier transform type online infrared analyzer. It has high anti-vibration ability and anti-pollution ability, combined with computer, can continuously test and analyze gas, and has the functions of automatic correction and automatic operation.

Compared with other types of gas sensors, such as electrochemical, catalytic combustion, semiconductor, etc., infrared gas sensors have a wide range of applications, long service life, high sensitivity, good stability, more suitable gases, high cost performance, and maintenance costs. Low, online analysis and a series of advantages. It is widely used in petrochemical industry, metallurgical industry, mining, air pollution detection, agriculture, medical and health and other fields.

Second, electrical gas sensor: the electrical parameters of the material change with the change of the gas concentration, and are divided into: resistive and non-resistive. The resistive gas sensor mainly includes contact combustion, thermal conductivity, and semiconductor Gas sensors (also metal oxide semiconductor gas sensors and organic semiconductor gas sensors), etc., non-resistive gas sensors usually use the current or voltage of the material to change with the gas content.

3. Electrochemical gas sensor: Electrochemical gas sensor is a kind of electrochemical sensor.

Electrochemical sensors are made on the basis of ion conductivity. According to the formation of their electrical characteristics, electrochemical sensors can be divided into potential sensors, conductivity sensors, electricity sensors, polarographic sensors and electrolytic sensors. Wait.

Four. In addition to the above three types of gas sensors, there are also these types: polymer gas-sensing materials, air-difference battery type, surface acoustic wave type, quartz vibrator type, etc.

Application scenarios of gas sensors:

1. Harmful gas detection in newly-decorated houses

More than 90% of newly-decorated houses have harmful gas exceeding the standard. Take formaldehyde as an example: after the renovation of many new houses, the concentration of formaldehyde exceeds 2.5 ppm, and some are as high as ten ppm.

Families can install formaldehyde sensors, VOC sensors, and air quality sensors to perform independent gas detection of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) such as formaldehyde, benzene, and toluene, and then through linkage with air conditioners, air purifiers and other equipment, In order to achieve the purpose of combining new house pollution detection and treatment, create a comfortable home environment.

2. Air quality monitoring inside the car

The pollution sources inside the car mainly come from the volatiles of the decoration materials of the car body, such as formaldehyde, xylene, benzene and so on. By installing formaldehyde sensors, carbon monoxide sensors, and PM2.5 sensors, it not only monitors harmful gases in the car, but also monitors the concentration of carbon monoxide in the car, which serves as a safety warning and reminder to prevent tragedies.

3. Air quality monitoring in the office

Modern people live and work indoors about 80% of the time every day, and the opportunities for indoor and outdoor ventilation are greatly reduced. A large number of foreign studies have shown that indoor air pollution can cause 'Bad Building Syndrome' (BBS). Symptoms include headache, eye, nose and throat discomfort, dry cough, dry and itchy skin, dizziness, nausea, difficulty concentrating, and odor Sensitive and so on. Building-related disease (BRI), symptoms include coughing, chest tightness, fever, chills, and muscle pain.

By installing a gas sensor, it can monitor PM2.5, PM10, temperature and humidity, carbon dioxide, formaldehyde, VOC, ammonia, oxygen and other substances, reminding you to prevent pollution.

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