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The ground station

by:Rika Sensors     2020-09-08

the ground stations

refers to land and sea, Ships, buoys, etc. ) The implementation of the ground meteorological observation sites ( See image) , sometimes the only means in ground stations on land. Weather stations with meteorological observation field and meteorological observation instruments and equipment needed for the device, observing the data obtained by the world meteorological organization regulation of sorting, compiling unified format through the loss to the relevant departments of the communication system ( See the meteorological information transmission) 。 Weather stations generally uniformly set by national or regional meteorological department, to form a region, a country that ground stations worldwide network. As the weather systems on a weather map analysis, general requirements stations ( The weather station) The spacing of less than 150 kilometers. , an island in the desert, grassland, sparsely populated areas such as mountains, often set a certain number of unmanned stations ( See the automatic meteorological station) In order to make up the shortfall. For weather observation stations ( Weather station) Spacing, according to local climate characteristics, proper encryption in complex terrain and climate distribution area. Precipitation with the regional distribution differences, therefore, determine the site is also the most rainfall in the world, some of them are only measured daily rainfall total rainfall of whistle.

the sunshine weather TRM - ZS2 type automatic meteorological station

the ground stations according to its different tasks, can be divided into the following categories:

1) weather station. Mainly for the analysis of weather forecast work station in providing intelligence, including land, sea buoy stand and ship station, etc.

(2) the weather stations. Mainly for climate analysis research to accumulate data of weather station.

(3) professional weather station. By various professional departments, according to the needs of themselves, and set the weather stations, such as the agricultural meteorological station, forestry station, hydrological stations, Marine weather stations and aviation weather stations, etc.

(4) special observatory. According to some special needs, set up the stand, such as radiation observatories, atmospheric observatory, cloud physics observatory, atmospheric background contamination monitoring station, the station can be set within the general weather stations, can be set separately.

by meteorological amateur or relevant personnel work part-time, with simple equipment, simple and easy method for single or a few projects meteorological observation sites, called meteorological post. Its service for local or send a unit, to the meteorological department also meteorological observation records, therefore, it is the important supplement of meteorological station network.

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