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The harm of soil pollution

by:Rika Sensors     2020-09-12

soil pollution, typically by the transformation of the atmospheric and water pollution, they can work alone, also can undertake, overlap and cross into the category of point pollution. As the agricultural modernization, especially the improvement of agricultural chemical, a large number of chemical fertilizer and pesticide scattered into the environment, more and more chances of non point pollution, soil is more and more serious. Under the influence of soil erosion and wind erosion, pollution area is continually expanding. , according to the different nature of pollutants in the soil pollutants are divided into two categories, inorganic and organic matter, inorganic matter mainly mercury, chromium, lead, copper, zinc and other heavy metals and arsenic, selenium and other nonmetal; Organic matter is mainly of phenol, organic chemicals, oil, benzopyrene and detergents, etc. These chemical pollutants mainly by sewage, waste gas, solid waste, pesticides and fertilizers into the soil and accumulated.

1。 Wastewater discharge

in domestic sewage and industrial wastewater, containing nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium and many other plants need nutrients, so reasonable use of sewage irrigation farmland, generally has effects on increasing. But also contain heavy metals in wastewater, phenol, cyanide, etc many poisonous and harmful substances, if wastewater without the necessary treatment and directly used for irrigation, will take the poisonous and harmful substances in the sewage into the farmland and soil pollution. Such as smelting, electroplating, fuel, industrial wastewater, such as mercury chloride can cause heavy metals such as cadmium, mercury, chromium, copper pollution; Petroleum chemical industry, fertilizer, pesticides and other industrial wastewater can cause of phenol, trichloroacetaldehyde, pesticides and other organic matter pollution. Waterproof good sealing machine can run normally for a long time.

2。 Exhaust

the harmful gas in the atmosphere mainly vent of toxic waste gas, industrial pollution surface is large, it can cause serious pollution to the soil. Industrial waste gas pollution is roughly divided into two categories: gas pollution, such as sulfur dioxide, fluoride, ozone, nitrogen oxides, hydrocarbons, etc. ; Aerosol pollution, such as dust, smoke and other solid particles and smoke, fog liquid particles, such as through settlement or precipitation into the soil, cause pollution. The exhaust fumes, for example, non-ferrous metal smelting plant in containing heavy metals such as chromium, lead, copper, cadmium, nearby soil pollution; Production of phosphate, fluoride can cause dust pollution to the soil near the factory and fluorine pollution.

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