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The haze is about to return to the site, please prepare a highway weather station

by:Rika Sensors     2021-08-21
The haze is about to return to the scene, please prepare the highway weather station
After the white dew, the weather gets colder. After that, Shandong will be the same as most parts of the country: precipitation is reduced, autumn is cool, the wind is sunny, and the temperature is pleasant. Even so, the possibility of severe weather cannot be ruled out. Autumn is the season of frequent haze. Usually, the number of heavy fog days in the North China Plain from September to February of the following year accounts for more than 70% of the year. At present, the haze-prone season has arrived.

The frequent occurrence of severe environments such as haze, rain and snow in autumn will lead to reduced road visibility and slippery roads, which will easily affect the driving stability of vehicles and cause safety hazards to road traffic. Therefore, it is necessary to deploy highway automatic weather stations along the road; the weather station can send nearly 30 kinds of real-time weather data such as temperature, wind speed, wind direction, atmospheric temperature, atmospheric pressure, precipitation, PH2.5, PH10, etc. to the relevant Management department. Assist relevant departments to make timely warnings and make advance arrangements for weather phenomena such as heavy fog, precipitation, strong winds, and slippery roads that affect road safety, so as to minimize the impact of road traffic caused by severe weather.

There is a complete road environment weather monitoring system solution, which includes two parts: hardware products and software configuration: hardware products refer to the road automatic weather station independently developed and produced by our company, which can collect and collect environmental data. Real-time upload to the software configuration; software configuration refers to the self-developed and designed environmental monitoring cloud platform, which can monitor the road environment data in real time for 24 hours without being on duty.

The following is a description of the specific functions of the highway automatic weather station and the environmental monitoring cloud platform:

The highway automatic weather station

The highway automatic weather station consists of a data acquisition sensor and a weather monitoring host. , Power supply system, GPRS/4G communication module, through various sensors in the highway environment temperature, humidity, wind direction, wind speed, precipitation, air quality, air pressure, solar radiation, light, particulate matter content and other nearly 30 factors All-weather monitoring and automatic collection of weather monitoring data, and upload the data to the environmental monitoring cloud platform through GPRS/4G communication.

Data acquisition sensor: The temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction and other sensors configured by the weather station are special sensors that can be used for highway weather monitoring. They have the characteristics of high precision, high reliability and corrosion resistance, and can be continuous online for 24 hours Collect and record the temperature, humidity, rainfall, wind speed, wind direction, air pressure, solar radiation and other meteorological parameters of the monitoring points. The recorded meteorological parameters are stored in the meteorological monitoring host and uploaded to the cloud platform through GPRS/4G data.

Meteorological monitoring host: The host has a built-in storage function that can store 520,000 pieces of information. If the communication is suddenly disconnected and the data cannot be uploaded to the cloud platform, the monitoring host will automatically turn on the resume function and store the information first. After the communication is restored, the data will be resumed to the cloud platform to ensure the integrity of the monitoring information.

Power supply system: The road automatic weather station can be equipped with 60W solar panels and lead storage batteries for power supply. When the weather is clear, the lead-acid battery can be fully charged in 7.5 hours, and the fully-charged lead-acid battery can work for about seven days in continuous rainy days, effectively ensuring the continuity of highway weather data monitoring and uploading.

GPRS/4G data upload: The outdoor weather station is based on GPRS communication technology to realize automatic data upload. The road automatic weather station has a multi-function GPRS communication interface. First, insert the mobile phone card of China Mobile or China Unicom into the card slot, and then put the GPRS antenna outside the waterproof box to ensure that the communication signal is not shielded. When the weather station is working, it sends real-time weather data to the environmental monitoring cloud platform through the GPRS signal timing (1S~10000S/time can be set) to realize the functions of real-time data display, data exceeding alarm, remote monitoring, data storage and download.

Environmental monitoring cloud platform

Environmental monitoring cloud platform, users only need to log in through a computer with an account to view real-time curves, historical curves, data records, etc., and the data can be exported to make reports, LAN Other computers in the computer can directly access the IP to view the relevant data in the authorization; when the road weather data exceeds the preset standard, SMS alarms, network alarms, etc. can be used; the staff can confirm the message in time and deal with it.

The use of road automatic weather stations can effectively improve the traffic weather monitoring and forecasting and early warning capabilities of corresponding road sections, and provide a strong guarantee for road traffic safety.

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