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The high-tech agricultural industry represented by smart agriculture has broad development prospects

by:Rika Sensors     2021-11-14
The high-tech agricultural industry represented by smart agriculture has broad development prospects
High-tech agriculture refers to agricultural technology with biotechnology, electronic information technology and new materials as the pillars and modern new technology as the core. High-tech agriculture mainly includes several forms such as molecular agriculture, space agriculture, super agriculture, precision agriculture, blue agriculture, and white agriculture. High-tech agriculture can not only achieve rapid crop growth and increase agricultural benefits, but also greatly improve the quality and safety of agricultural products.

The development of high-tech agriculture has gradually risen to the level of national strategy. From a global perspective, Israel has taken 'science and technology to promote agriculture' as a national policy, vigorously developed irrigation technology, breeding technology, water-saving technology and other technologies, and has gradually become Central Asia An agricultural power; the Netherlands has vigorously developed biological control technology, electronic information technology, and glass greenhouse agriculture to become a European agricultural power; the United States has developed precision agriculture and has become a world agricultural export power.

According to relevant studies, the Chinese government attaches great importance to the development of high-tech agriculture. At present, high-tech agriculture has become an important direction for my country’s agricultural development. In 2018, the 'Guiding Opinions on Promoting the Construction and Development of Agricultural High-tech Industrial Demonstration Zones' issued by the General Office of the State Council stated that by 2025, my country will build a number of modern agricultural innovation highlands, talent highlands and industrial highlands with international influence. Under the guidance of national policies, many local governments have introduced generous assistance measures. At the same time, Internet companies and corporate giants have also launched high-tech agriculture, including JD.com, Ali, Dabeinong, Muyuan, New Hope, Country Garden, and Evergrande. Waiting for the company.

In the high-tech agricultural industry, smart agriculture is the most widely used. The smart agriculture monitoring system can realize functions such as remote monitoring, real-time monitoring, and automatic alarm. In order to improve production efficiency, reduce costs, and increase operating income.

(1) Remote monitoring

The monitoring center can directly obtain plant growth environment information, such as monitoring soil moisture, soil temperature, air temperature, air humidity, light intensity, plant nutrient content and other parameters. Other parameters can also be selected, such as the pH value in the soil, conductivity and so on.

The monitoring function system is responsible for receiving the data sent by the test point sensors, storage, display and data management, and realizes the acquisition, management, dynamic display, analysis and processing of all base test point information and displays it in the form of intuitive graphs and curves. user. The system performs automatic irrigation, automatic cooling, automatic mold rolling, automatic liquid fertilizer fertilization, automatic spraying and other automatic controls on the agricultural park based on the feedback of the above various types of information.

(2) Real-time monitoring

Realize automatic information detection and control in the agricultural park, equipped with wireless sensor nodes, solar power supply systems, information collection and information routing equipment with wireless sensor transmission systems.

Each base point is equipped with sensors, and each sensor node can monitor parameters such as soil moisture, soil temperature, air temperature, air humidity, and light intensity.

(3) Real-time image and video monitoring function

Video and image monitoring provide a more intuitive way of expressing the association between objects. The agricultural production site can be monitored in real time through 360° video monitoring equipment and high-definition cameras, and the growth of crops can be viewed remotely. At the same time, according to the settings, the video can be recorded and replayed at any time.

(4) Automatic alarm

The system can be set up early warning according to the environmental conditions required for crop planting. Once an abnormal situation occurs, the system will automatically send an alert to the administrator's mobile phone, such as high temperature warning, low temperature warning, high humidity warning, etc. After the early warning condition is triggered, the system can automatically control the equipment at the agricultural production site to deal with the abnormal situation, or the administrator can intervene to remove the abnormality.

Relevant persons in the industry said that high-tech agriculture has become a new economic growth point for agriculture. With the strong support of national policies and the continuous improvement of related technology and technology, my country's high-tech agriculture has a bright future.

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