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The Importance and Necessity of Constructing Agricultural Insect Situation Forecasting System

by:Rika Sensors     2021-11-20
The Importance and Necessity of Constructing Agricultural Insect Situation Forecasting System
In recent years, with the continuous intensification of global warming, agricultural insect disasters have occurred frequently throughout the country, posing a serious danger to the safety of food production in our country. In such a large environment, the traditional methods of forecasting agricultural pests and diseases have been difficult to adapt to the new requirements of pest prevention and control work. Therefore, at this stage, in order to further improve my country's agricultural pest monitoring and early warning capabilities and the scientific level of plant protection and disaster prevention and mitigation, it is very necessary to actively build an agricultural pest monitoring system.

Different from the traditional way of forecasting agricultural pests and diseases, modern agricultural insect forecasting systems have begun to develop towards networking and informatization under the influence of the Internet of Things technology. The agricultural insect forecasting system realizes automatic data collection and automatic wireless network transmission. At the same time, it can monitor the occurrence trend of field pests at any time when not on the spot, effectively improving the timeliness and accuracy of forecasting. The use of the Internet of Things technology to transform traditional agricultural plant protection technology has also made plant protection work more effective and has played a positive role in the prevention and control of agricultural crop pests.

1. The working principle of the agricultural insect situation forecasting system

The equipment terminal in the agricultural insect situation forecasting system is the insect situation forecasting lamp. The insect situation forecasting lamp can attract pests through the light. When the pests approach the light, they will hit To the glass around the lamp tube, the pests will fall into the insect receiving box under the detection lamp after being hit and dizzy. After the pests fall into the glass, they will be dried inside. Pests, take pictures with the camera inside the device, and the pictures taken can be transmitted to the cloud platform through wireless transmission.

Second, the function of the agricultural insect situation forecasting system

1. Automatic forecasting, accurate data, remote real-time control, collecting operating status data and pictures, plant protection staff can check the computer or mobile phone to check the real-time insect situation Analyze and release early warning information in time; greatly improve the accuracy and efficiency of pest monitoring and reporting, and effectively improve the level of pest prevention and control;

2, data is transmitted through GPRS/4G technology, which can be powered by solar energy without laying Optical fiber and cable are easy to install, which effectively solves the problems of inconvenient transportation, lack of manpower, and difficulty in power consumption in remote areas;

3. It can be equipped with weather, soil and other monitoring equipment, and the monitoring data can be presented through the software platform; It can be updated remotely, and the equipment can be self-diagnosed and repaired. It has the characteristics of stable performance, simple operation, flexible setting, etc.;

4. Far-infrared treatment of insects prevents environmental pollution caused by pesticides and chemicals, and protects the health of the observers ;

3. Challenges faced by China in preventing and controlling pests and diseases

Although China has been in the intelligent control of pests and diseases for many years, it still faces many problems to be solved. For example, the radar monitoring system for pests and diseases has not yet formed a network; secondly, the targeted sensors still need to be developed. Current sensors can catch cluster pests, but they are not sensitive to individual pests, and it is difficult to detect diseases (such as mosaic disease, etc.); more importantly, the timely collection of pest data There is still a huge workload in terms of security, updating, forecasting, and prevention.

In recent years, with the growth of international agricultural trade and frequent personnel exchanges, a variety of foreign crop diseases and insect pests have invaded our country and caused harm. The traceability analysis, monitoring and early warning, prevention and control technology research of these migratory and epidemic major pests and diseases urgently need the support of an excellent agricultural pest monitoring and reporting system. In addition, due to the farming habits of most farmers, there is still a long way to go before the comprehensive popularization of the agricultural insect forecasting system.

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