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The important role of ammonia sensor in the intelligent gas detection system of underground pipe network

by:Rika Sensors     2021-11-21
The important role of ammonia sensor in the intelligent gas detection system of underground pipe network
The unobstructed and safe use of urban sewer pipes is an important guarantee and necessary condition for the survival and development of cities. Urban sewer pipes are responsible for receiving and transporting domestic sewage and industrial wastewater. However, due to their relatively closed and special environment, the organic and inorganic substances in sewage will consume a large amount of oxygen and decompose in the closed pipeline due to the action of microorganisms. A variety of toxic, harmful, flammable and explosive gases, such as carbon monoxide, methane, ammonia, etc.

Among them, ammonia is one of the biggest hidden dangers of these gases. Ammonia is a colorless gas with a strong irritating odor. It is lighter than air. The relative molecular weight of ammonia is 17.031, which is very soluble. Compared with water, ammonia water is alkaline. In laboratories, the method of heating two solid mixtures of ammonium chloride and slaked lime is commonly used to prepare ammonia gas, and calcium chloride and water are also generated. It will decompose into nitrogen and hydrogen at high temperature, which has a reducing effect. It can be oxidized to nitric oxide in the presence of a catalyst. Ammonia can be produced by the direct synthesis of nitrogen and hydrogen under the action of a catalyst. It can burn the skin, eyes, and mucous membranes of respiratory organs. If people inhale too much, it can cause lung swelling. The lack of oxygen and the presence of this toxic and harmful gas are likely to suffocate or even poison the staff who dredge the sewer pipes, and even more seriously cause the pipeline to explode, which seriously threatens the safety of pipeline maintenance personnel.

In addition to the production of ammonia in urban sewer pipes, where else can ammonia be produced in our work and life?

Related experts judged that ammonia gas mainly comes from concrete admixtures used in construction, and there are two main types. One is derived from the concrete antifreeze urea added in the cement during winter construction. Since the release in laminates and cement is relatively slow, it will exist for a long time in the living room. This phenomenon is more common in the north; One is to increase the solidification rate of concrete, using high-alkali concrete expansion agent and early strength agent. The ammonia pollution in the southern region mainly comes from this. In addition, the ammonia in the indoor air can also come from interior decoration materials. For example, most of the additives and brighteners used in furniture finishing use ammonia water, which has become a necessary commodity in the building materials market.

It is necessary to establish a smart city for timely monitoring and early warning of the gas environment of the underground pipe network. The sensor array is combined with intelligent algorithms to form an intelligent gas detection system. The system uses multiple gas sensors with different sensitivity characteristics to form an array, and uses neural network pattern recognition technology to perform gas recognition and concentration monitoring on mixed gases, which can be quickly Accurately identify the type of gas, thereby detecting toxic and harmful gases.

Ammonia gas sensor plays an important role in the intelligent gas detection system of underground pipe network, and the selection of ammonia gas sensor is also very important. Cause many situations to happen, so how to choose? You need to pay attention to the following points when choosing a sensor:

1. Whether the temperature, humidity, and air pressure in the ammonia detection environment are within the normal detection range of the sensor, otherwise, a pretreatment system needs to be installed at the front end for the ammonia sensor to be normal use.

2. Whether the ammonia gas concentration in the ammonia gas detection environment is below the detection normal range of the ammonia gas sensor, otherwise a higher range sensor is required.

3. When choosing ammonia gas sensor, whether the range and resolution you need meet your requirements.

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