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The intelligent greenhouse monitoring system

by:Rika Sensors     2020-09-09

with the popularity of intelligence agriculture, fine, smooth greenhouses solutions to provide you with wisdom, intelligent greenhouse monitoring system is based on the wireless network for plant growth and real-time environmental information, such as through various types of sensors to monitor soil moisture, soil temperature, air temperature, air humidity, light intensity and other parameters. Information collection is responsible for receiving data from the wireless sensor gathering node and storage, implement all base test point for management of information display and analysis graph and curve display to the customer, and according to the above reaction of all kinds of information feedback to the agricultural park for automatic irrigation, automatic cooling, automatic mode, automatic liquid fertilizer fertilizer, such as automatic spraying automatic control. < br />

wisdom greenhouses solution can control and adjust the greenhouse environment index at any time, to provide accurate breeding environment inside the greenhouse plants, effectively improve the quality of growth rate and growth, increase crop output. Wisdom fields based on the real-time monitoring, precision agriculture sensor using cloud computing, data mining techniques such as multi-level analysis, improve the agricultural production's ability to cope with the natural environment risk, the disadvantage of traditional agriculture to become highly efficient modern industry.

greenhouse environmental monitoring:

soil moisture monitoring: soil moisture monitoring system can realize 24-hour uninterrupted monitoring, automatic field remote monitoring equipment to collect real-time data of soil moisture and USES GPRS wireless network data remote transmission and monitoring center automatically receive, automatic storage of monitoring of the monitoring data in the database.

smart insect scouting: intelligent insect scouting can remote control the plant field, pollution-free trap insecticidal, automatic plant monitoring system mainly USES the modern light, electricity, wireless transmission technology of numerical control technology, the Internet technology to build a set of ecological pest monitoring and warning system, the system sets pest trapping and take photos, environmental information collection, data analysis, data transmission in a body, has realized the pests to trap, classification, statistics, real time transmission, remote detection, early warning and guidance to the prevention of pest automatic and intelligent.

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