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The measurement of radiation

by:Rika Sensors     2020-08-21

radiation refers to the floorboard of the sun, earth and atmospheric radiation. Usually called solar radiation shortwave radiation, the earth and atmospheric radiation for long wave radiation. Observation of physical quantity is primarily a radiant energy flow rate, or radiation flux density or radiation intensity, standard unit watts per square metre. The weather often determine the following radiation: ( 1) The sun direct radiation, refers to the disc from day 0. Within 5 ° solid Angle and the solid Angle axis perpendicular to the solar radiation. ( 2) The sky radiation ( Or the sun scattered radiation) , refers to the plane received from the sky two PI solid Angle downward atmospheric scattering and reflection of solar radiation, etc. ( 3) The sun total radiation, refers to the ground plane to receive the sum of solar direct radiation and scatter radiation. ( 4) Reflect the sun's radiation, ground reflection of solar total radiation. ( 5) Radiation, the earth by the earth ( Including the atmosphere) Emission of radiation. ( 6) (net radiation, pointing down and up The sun and the earth) The difference of the radiation.

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