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The monitoring system of the four emotions of agriculture gives the wings of 'wisdom' to agriculture

by:Rika Sensors     2021-09-29
The monitoring system of the four emotions of agriculture gives the wings of 'wisdom' to agriculture
Agriculture is an industry, and my country is a well-deserved agricultural country. The development of agriculture is related to the question of whether the people of the country can eat well. No matter when, agricultural development should be placed in an important position. Today's agriculture is moving towards a smart trend. At the two sessions this year, the development of smart agriculture and the vigorous promotion of agricultural technological innovation have become a hot topic of discussion among the delegates and members, and have also become the focus of this year's 'Work Report' and the '14th Five-Year Plan'. During the '14th Five-Year Plan' period, party committees at all levels must put the improvement of agricultural quality, efficiency and competitiveness in an important position, accelerate digital development, comprehensively promote rural revitalization, and build smart agriculture.

Combining with market demand and using information technology, the agricultural four emotions monitoring system has been launched to give agriculture the wings of 'wisdom' and help high-quality and high-efficiency agricultural production.

The 'four emotions' of agriculture are moisture, insect conditions, climate, and seedling conditions. The monitoring system of the four conditions of agriculture consists of terminal equipment (soil moisture condition monitor, insect condition measuring and reporting instrument, weather station, seedling condition detector), and four agricultural conditions. The composition of the intelligence forecasting platform. The system can monitor the soil moisture status (soil temperature, soil moisture, soil pH value, etc.), disease and insect status (types of disease and insect pests, number of disease and insect pests, etc.), climatic conditions (air temperature, humidity, rainfall, light intensity, carbon dioxide, etc.) in agricultural fields. , Wind speed, wind direction and other environmental parameters) for system monitoring and management. The data is uploaded to the measurement and reporting platform through GPRS/4G or the network port. The growth environment of crops should be adjusted in time.

Specific introduction of monitoring equipment for the four conditions of agriculture

Tube-type soil moisture monitor

The real-time soil moisture monitoring system collects moisture information of dry farming and animal husbandry, and collects information on agriculture and environmental drought. Provide farmers with guidance on agricultural irrigation, analyze the formation and distribution of drought, and provide accurate information for drought relief decision-making. The outer shell is made of PVC plastic tube, which emits high-frequency detection waves inside to effectively sense the soil environment; its equipment is not affected by salt ions in the soil, and agricultural activities such as fertilizers, pesticides, and irrigation will not affect the measurement results, and the data is accurate.

Insect situation measuring and reporting instrument

Insect situation measuring and reporting instrument is an intelligent pest situation monitoring equipment, which can remotely control the situation of field insects, trapping and killing insects without pollution; this equipment integrates pest trapping and shooting, Environmental information collection, data transmission and data analysis are integrated to automatically complete system operations such as trapping, killing insects, dispersing insects, taking pictures, transporting, collecting, and draining; shut down during the day and automatically work at night.

Meteorological station

The weather station can monitor the climate in the agricultural scene in real time through the on-site climate equipment. It has 1 multi-function GPRS communication interface, you only need to insert a card to upload data to the remote monitoring software platform; it can be connected to our company's 485 transmitter to support free collocation of various measurement elements; 2 channels are optional Relay output can be used for remote manual control.

Video surveillance (seedling situation monitoring)

Through the deployment of agricultural Internet of Things sensors on the farmland, the video surveillance provides video on the cultivation, fertilization, picking, packaging and other links in the entire farming process Surveillance; video surveillance equipment can dynamically view the dynamic images of agricultural fields in real time and upload them to the platform for viewing through the network.

The application of the agricultural four emotions monitoring system makes the whole process of agricultural production much more convenient, reduces the burden on the staff, and also allows the crops to grow vigorously under the eyes of the public, and finally obtain a good harvest.

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