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The necessity of installing a carbon dioxide transmitter in the office

by:Rika Sensors     2021-11-04
The necessity of installing a carbon dioxide transmitter in the office
Entering June, it is time to turn on the air conditioner once a year. When the air conditioner is turned on, we tend to close the doors and windows, which not only can quickly cool down but also save electricity. But we have overlooked an important factor that affects health-CO2. A confined space will slow down the air flow and reduce the oxygen concentration, especially in the office or workshop where the people are dense and the air conditioning is turned on for a long time, which leads to the increase of CO2 concentration and the air becomes dirty.

What harm will the CO2 concentration cause?

Generally speaking, in the natural environment, the normal content of carbon dioxide in the air is 0.04% (400PPM). In an office, the carbon dioxide concentration is generally between 500 and 700 PPM when there is no one. And carbon dioxide itself is non-toxic, but too high a concentration can make people feel uncomfortable and even cause harm. When the concentration of carbon dioxide in the air reaches 0.1%, many people will feel uncomfortable; when it reaches 3%, people will feel deepened breathing; when it reaches 4%, it will cause dizziness, headache, tinnitus, vertigo, and increased blood pressure; up to 8% At 10%, you will feel difficulty breathing, rapid pulse, general weakness, muscles from twitching to spasm, and mind turning from excitement to inhibition.

Therefore, the increase in CO2 concentration will not only affect our work efficiency, but also damage our health. We can install carbon dioxide transmitters in office areas and workshops to monitor the concentration of carbon dioxide in the environment in real time. Once the concentration is too high, we can ventilate or take a stroll outdoors to keep our heads clear.

The carbon dioxide transmitter has the following advantages:

1. High sensitivity: The carbon dioxide transmitter has a built-in high-sensitivity gas detection probe, and the new infrared verification technology realizes the detection of indoor CO2 Concentration measurement has the characteristics of rapid response, high sensitivity and stable signal

2. Large measuring range: Its monitoring range is between 400-5000ppm, with temperature compensation, and little temperature influence

3. Easy installation: The shell is a wall-mounted king-shaped shell, which is easy to install, just fix it on the wall of the office with two screws.

Then how do we know the current concentration of carbon dioxide?

After installing the carbon dioxide transmitter, connect to the environmental monitoring host. The small host can upload data to the cloud platform through WiFi, Ethernet, and GPRS. And we only need to log in to the cloud platform to monitor changes in the carbon dioxide concentration in the environment.

The environmental monitoring host has the functions of data display, data storage, and offline alarm for over-limit: the host has a large-size LCD display that displays the latest data of CO2 concentration in real time; it has a built-in high Capacity memory, automatically receive and store data, up to 520,000 pieces; if the indoor CO2 concentration exceeds the limit, on the one hand, the host screen will display the over-limit information in turn, and on the other hand, the host will send an alarm message to the manager to remind the concentration of the over-limit.

The cloud platform has the functions of displaying, storing, and analyzing data. It displays the real-time concentration of carbon dioxide on the platform in digital form; automatically stores the data uploaded by the monitoring host; it can analyze historical data through The curve form shows the change of carbon dioxide concentration within a certain period of time, which is convenient for users to check.

While feeling the comfort and comfort of an air-conditioned room in summer, we must also pay attention to a series of problems caused by the increase of CO2 concentration caused by the reduction of air mobility in the confined space.

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