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The new era of smart orchard increases production and income of 'li'

by:Rika Sensors     2021-08-29
The new era of smart orchard increases production and income of 'li'
In the past few days, in Shanghai, lychees have been quietly listed. As soon as the seasonal fruits appear on the market, they are worth a lot, 40 yuan per catty. Doing the math, an average lychee costs about 2 yuan.

Most netizens said one after another: Some are expensive.

An old saying goes, 'Grasshoppers and cicadas call, and lychees are ripe.' This farm proverb says that grasshoppers and cicadas begin to squeak in the summer when the lychees are also ripe. The key to the deliciousness of litchi lies in its growth environment.

1. Temperature

Litchi is a subtropical fruit. The temperature in the main producing area is generally around 25 degrees. The requirement for temperature is relatively large, which is exactly what makes it impossible to grow in many places. The most suitable growth temperature for litchi is around 24-28 degrees. If the temperature is lower than 12 degrees, the growth rate will decrease significantly. However, it is necessary to maintain a low temperature in winter to prevent the excessive growth of lychees and promote the differentiation of flower buds in the second year of the lychee tree.

2. Moisture

Moisture is very important for the growth of litchi. The annual precipitation in the planting area must be maintained at least 1200 mm or more. However, different growth stages of litchi have different requirements for moisture. At the same time, drainage work must be done well. Excessive water will cause soil permeability to decrease, and undesirable phenomena such as retting root rot will appear.

3. Light

Litchi is a subtropical plant, so the requirements for light are relatively high. The planting area needs to maintain more than 1,700 hours of sunshine per year. Adequate light can enhance the photosynthesis of litchi, increase the accumulation of photosynthetic substances in litchi, and promote the differentiation of litchi flower buds. Enhance the quality of fruits and increase the value of commodities.

4. Wind

Wind actually has a great impact on the growth of litchi. Wind not only regulates the temperature, but also has the effects of pollination and pollination. And when the fruit is developing, pay special attention to controlling the air volume, otherwise the litchi tree is prone to fruit drop and branch breakage, which will seriously affect the planting efficiency.

It is not enough for us to understand the growing environment of litchi. We have to monitor and control these elements. So what kind of monitoring is used?

Introduced a set of intelligent orchard environmental monitoring system, which can be used in lychee orchards. Through the use of environmental data and crop information, it can realize all-round dynamic monitoring in the growing area of u200bu200blychee, guide users in correct cultivation and management, and effectively prevent pests. , Floods and other disasters, improve the production efficiency of litchi.

The system is mainly composed of an agro-meteorological station, an environmental monitoring cloud platform and a large LED display. The agro-meteorological station includes a soil temperature, water conductivity, PH four-in-one sensor, a multi-element louver box, a solar radiation sensor, and a tipping bucket. Rain gauge, wind speed and direction sensor, can monitor the air temperature and humidity, soil temperature and humidity, soil conductivity, soil PH value, carbon dioxide concentration, atmospheric pressure intensity, light intensity, wind speed and direction and other parameters in real time in the orchard, and pass GPRS/4G Real-time upload to the environmental monitoring cloud platform, and then through the communication server to the large LED display screen, easy to view the data in real time.

Characteristics of the smart orchard monitoring system:

(1) Data collection and upload: The agro-meteorological station is arranged in the orchard, and various sensors can automatically collect air temperature, humidity, light intensity, and The real-time status of soil moisture and other elements is converted into digital signals and the data is uploaded to the environmental monitoring cloud platform through GPRS/4G communication.

(2) Data support: Litchi trees have different requirements for soil pH and temperature and humidity during different growth cycles such as germination, growth, fruit expansion, etc. The cloud platform automatically receives real-time data uploaded by the weather station and reports The platform display interface is updated and displayed in the form of data, dashboards, curves, etc., and at the same time automatically stores historical data, and supports users to view, download or print historical data in time periods.

(3) Multi-terminal remote supervision: The environmental monitoring cloud platform is a web login platform specially developed for users to use specially developed web login platform. It supports multi-terminal login such as computer web pages, APP, WeChat, etc., and is not restricted by time and place. The working status of the agricultural weather station can be accessed through the system to set multi-level permissions, add the upper and lower limits of elements, select phone calls, text messages, and support users to add and delete sub-accounts.

(4) Over-limit alarm: When the real-time data received by the cloud platform is lower or higher than the limit, the cloud platform will notify the orchard manager through SMS, telephone, email and other alarm methods.

(5) Intelligent linkage: When the value exceeds the limit, the irrigation equipment can be controlled by connecting the relay. For example, when the soil moisture content is too low, the system intelligently controls the relay to start irrigation, so that the soil moisture content can be maintained at a certain level. Within the range.

The implementation of smart orchards is inseparable from national policies. Among them, relevant departments in some regions have begun to advocate and implement the work concept of 'environmental supervision and monitoring firstWith advanced equipment, we will make every effort to build an integrated monitoring and control system, and create a large pattern of intelligent supervision of the ecological environment.

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