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The new 'partner' of the dust monitoring system, the 'dust shoot at hand' function is online

by:Rika Sensors     2021-10-12
The new 'partner' of the dust monitoring system, the 'dust shoot at hand' function is online
Fugitive dust is one of the important sources of atmospheric particulate matter such as PM10 and PM2.5. The underlying reason is the emergence of environmental problems accumulated in the process of my country's rapid industrialization and urbanization, high energy consumption, high emissions, heavy pollution, overcapacity, irrational layout, excessive energy consumption, and continuous strengthening of the coal-based energy structure. , The rapid growth of the number of urban motor vehicles, the substantial increase in pollution emissions, insufficient pollution control, and the total emissions of major pollutants far exceed the environmental capacity.

In order to further strengthen the comprehensive rectification of dust pollution and strengthen social supervision, the Shandong Provincial Department of Ecology and Environment has organized and developed the 'Dust Shooting' system, which was put into operation on December 1. The 'Dust Shooting' system will rely on the supervision of the masses to further broaden the channels for problem discovery, provide an effective path for the regulatory authorities to quickly and accurately solve the prominent dust pollution problems around the masses, and effectively form a good atmosphere of co-governance and sharing for the whole society.

In daily life, if the masses find construction sites (construction, municipal, water conservancy, highways, demolition sites, etc.), roads, muck truck transportation, industrial enterprise stockyards, ports, open-pit mines, garbage For dust pollution problems in landfills, construction waste disposal sites, etc., you can take photos or record videos of the problems, and enter the relevant WeChat public account to report the problem.

Reasonable and effective monitoring of dust pollution involves not only accepting supervision and complaints from citizens, but also building a supporting dust monitoring system to help control and monitor dust pollution.

The government and related departments require online remote monitoring of its environmental data, such as temperature and humidity, PM2.5, PM10, noise, wind speed, wind direction and other monitoring elements.

For this reason, we launched a dust monitoring system that uses modern science and technology to objectively, scientifically and accurately quantify and evaluate the dust emission level. It is the first choice for construction sites, urban management, and large factories and enterprises to monitor the concentration of dust emission. It is also an important basis for environmental protection, construction, urban management, transportation, municipal and other related departments to control and evaluate the source of air pollution suspended particulate emissions.

The dust monitoring system consists of a dust monitoring station, a transmission system, a monitoring software cloud platform, and a spray system (fog cannon). It uses technologies such as Internet of Things perception, data wireless communication, databases, and geographic information systems to collect and collect elements. Data transmission, statistical analysis and multi-dimensional data display are integrated, real-time monitoring of monitoring point elements, and environmental monitoring elements are uploaded to the cloud platform through GPRS/4G wireless mode. The system fully considers the actual needs of the dust monitoring system and the development trend of information technology. According to the characteristics of the monitoring site, design and select a system management solution that is suitable for the site conditions and meets the requirements of the dust monitoring system. It has real-time data chart display, data over-limit alarm, and Data recording, query, statistics, report output and other functions. The system can also be linked with various pollution treatment devices to achieve the purpose of automatic control.

Advantages of the dust monitoring system

(1) The dust monitoring station can collect air temperature and humidity, noise, PM2.5PM10, TSP, wind speed and direction, atmospheric pressure, SO2, NO2, CO, O3, etc. Real-time data of environmental elements, and upload all the data through the communication module, are mainly used in various construction sites for environmental monitoring.

(2) Data upload via GPRS/4G, no wiring is required on site, only a small mobile phone data card can be used to realize data docking with enterprise and government platforms through GPRS antenna, which is very convenient.

(3) The dust monitoring cloud platform is developed with technologies such as the Internet of Things and cloud computing, based on the B/S structure. After logging in through various terminals such as computer web pages and mobile apps, the dust monitoring station can be remotely managed. For example, set the limit of each parameter, turn on the alarm methods such as telephone, text message, email, etc. When the real-time data received by the platform exceeds the limit, the system will send an alarm message to the management staff in the alarm mode set by the platform as soon as possible.

(4) The dust monitoring station supports remotely compiling the LED screen header through the mobile phone APP, checking the environmental elements that need to be displayed, setting the LED screen cutting time, etc.

(5) The dust monitoring station is connected to the secondary relay on the scene through the relay output, which controls the fog cannon by default, and can also control the crane spray and the engineering car washing machine and other equipment. For example, remotely setting the alarm value of each element through the mobile phone APP, the minimum and maximum working time of dust reduction equipment such as fog cannons, etc.; if the concentration of particulate matter in the environment exceeds the limit, the system will automatically link to start the fog cannon, tower spray and other dust reduction equipment, It will automatically turn off after the set time period.

(6) The fugitive dust monitoring system can connect to the government fugitive dust supervision system for free, realize data sharing, and remotely monitor the real-time emission of fugitive dust on site.

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