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The 'number of cold days' is coming, what can the temperature and humidity monitoring system do for agriculture?

by:Rika Sensors     2021-11-28
The 'number of cold days' is coming, what can the temperature and humidity monitoring system do for agriculture?
'The time of the day, personnel, and the sun, the winter solstice, spring is coming again' At 18:02 on December 21, 2020, the winter solstice solar term will usher in.

The winter solstice is also known as the 'Winter FestivalLook at the willow, Qijiu River opens, eighty-nine swallows come, nine-nine plus one-nine, cattle walking everywhere'. 'Jiu Jiu Ge' vividly records the phenological changes of the winter solstice and the spring equinox.

In ancient times, in order to better carry out production and living activities, people fully studied the cyclical changes of the regional climate to guide agricultural production and ensure that the agricultural time was not violated. The 'Twenty-Four Solar Terms' was invented to reflect the changes of the seasons, and also to help predict the cold, warm, rain and snow in daily life.

The arrival of the winter solstice means that the coldest period of the year is coming. In winter, the weather is cold and plants gradually stop growing. In such weather, it seems unsuitable for large-scale agricultural production. However, the demand for vegetables per capita is constantly increasing. How to ensure the supply of fruits and vegetables in winter is always pursued.

Using technology to avoid seasonal differences

With the advancement of technology, it is a good choice to use technology to develop smart greenhouses. The existence of smart greenhouses can not only meet the needs of urban consumers, but also reduce the need for planting between the sky and the earth. Losses caused by natural disasters. Smart greenhouses allow more people to enjoy, especially some off-season, pollution-free vegetables, fruits and vegetables are popular with the citizens, the prices are often relatively high, the real supply of fresh fruits and vegetables throughout the year, effectively enriching the residents' 'vegetable basket'.

Temperature and humidity monitoring system in smart greenhouses

Why vegetables grow slowly in winter? The most important reason is temperature. Therefore, if you want to grow crops in smart greenhouses, you must first understand the temperature and humidity of the crops. All the growth and development processes of crops are significantly affected by temperature and humidity. Different crops are distributed in different temperature zones (tropical, temperate, and frigid zones) on the earth. There are obvious differences in their cold resistance and heat resistance, and the influence of temperature and humidity on the natural distribution of crops is the main reason for these differences.

In response to the needs of temperature, room temperature and humidity control, the research of temperature and humidity automatic monitoring systems has made great progress in recent years. This is closely related to the development of computer control technology and hardware technology. With the rapid development of modern computer technology and its hardware today, the composition of the temperature, room temperature and humidity control system is mainly composed of a central control device, terminal control equipment, sensors and field circuits.

The smart greenhouse uses the greenhouse planting technology for planting and cultivation, and uses the temperature and humidity monitoring system to provide a suitable growth environment for crops. Not only that, we know that most of the obstacles to plant diseases in greenhouses are caused by temperature and humidity out of control. For the healthy growth of various vegetables in the greenhouse, the help of temperature and humidity controllers is needed. When there is a set deviation in temperature and humidity, the temperature and humidity sensor will send a signal. In the heating and dehumidification equipment, the safety factor of humidity and temperature in the greenhouse can be effectively controlled, so that the crops can grow and develop normally.

In general, the temperature, room temperature and humidity monitoring system itself is to monitor the temperature and humidity in the greenhouse. Its main purpose is to monitor the temperature and humidity in the greenhouse to understand the environmental conditions in the greenhouse in real time. Connect control equipment in parallel to control the indoor temperature and humidity to ensure the normal growth environment of crops!

Nowadays, it is very common for us to utilise in environmental monitoring systems. And the quality of is decisive to production efficiency.
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