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The Official Smart Agriculture Solution Is Here!

The Official Smart Agriculture Solution Is Here!


The Official Smart Agriculture Solution Is Here!

With the development of science and technology, agriculture has played an important role in the development of the national economy.


In recent years, with the development of science and technology and the arrival of the era of artificial intelligence, the term "smart agriculture" has gradually developed and become an important part of the modern agricultural process.


In the context of the rapid development of modern science and technology, sensors, as an important tool for modern intelligence, also play an important role in promoting the development of smart agriculture.

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Smart Agriculture Concept


Smart agriculture is an advanced stage of agricultural production, which integrates emerging Internet, mobile Internet, cloud computing and Internet of Things technologies.


It mainly uses computer and network technology, wireless communication technology and sensing technology to realize remote operation, diagnosis, disaster warning and so on.


At the same time, according to the situation, the expert database will be used for consultation, the visual communication and agricultural service model will be established, the agriculture will be accurately monitored, the construction level of facility agriculture will be improved, the knowledge base of agricultural experts will be expanded, and reasonable analysis will be carried out.


Finally, the green, standardized, networked and fully intelligent development of agricultural ecology will be realized.

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○Agricultural IoT

Compared with traditional agriculture, smart agriculture includes the deep integration of modern technologies such as the Internet of Things, agricultural information services, remote sensing technology, e-commerce, and agricultural leisure tourism with traditional agriculture. Using the Internet and cloud computing as the carrier, it can realize precise and intelligent decision-making and remote control. Control is of great significance to the development of modern agriculture.


The deep integration of IoT technology and traditional agriculture relies on sensor technology most importantly.

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○ Real scene of agricultural weather station

Through sensors, agricultural personnel can not only get rid of the limitations of natural factors such as weather, but also realize remote scientific monitoring of fields, greenhouses, aquatic products and animal husbandry, effectively reducing labor consumption.


It can also use scientific analysis to improve the ability of the entire agriculture to resist disasters and risks, and increase crop yields.


Agricultural sensors have brought traditional agricultural production to the road of intelligent, automated and remote-controlled smart agricultural development.

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○ Practitioners are using a cloud platform to receive sensor data


Compared with traditional agriculture, smart agriculture also shows great advantages:


conserve water.


○Optimize the use of fertilizers and pesticides. Agricultural products are more non-toxic and nutritious.


○Improve crop productivity.


○Reduce operating costs.


○Open up unconventional agricultural areas in cities and deserts.


○Reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


○Reduce soil erosion.


○Provide farmers with real-time data.

Rikasensor professional smart agriculture solutions

The development of modern smart agriculture is closely related to sensor technology.


However, the quality of sensors currently produced in the market varies.


In addition, the performance selection of sensors affects the improvement of agricultural productivity. Most of the sensors used in smart agriculture need to face relatively harsh environments, so sensors with low power consumption, corrosion resistance, and low temperature resistance are required.


In response to this problem, Raycal Technology has established a professional intelligent agricultural environment monitoring system.

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rika sensor smart agricultural environmental monitoring system integrates intelligent sensing, Internet, cloud computing and Internet of Things technologies.


Relying on various sensing nodes "environmental temperature and humidity, soil moisture, carbon dioxide, images, etc." deployed in agricultural production sites and wireless communication networks.


Realize intelligent perception, intelligent early warning, intelligent decision-making, intelligent analysis and expert online guidance of agricultural production environment, and provide data support for precise planting, visual management and intelligent decision-making for agricultural production.

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Introduction of main products of agricultural solutions

RK330-02 Atmospheric temperature, humidity and pressure sensor

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RK330-02 atmospheric temperature and humidity sensor is a professional sensor for measuring air temperature and relative humidity. The sensor housing is waterproof and UV resistant.


It can be widely used in agriculture, forestry, meteorology, greenhouse, storage and other places. The sensor can also be equipped with a special housing to protect the sensor from solar radiation and rain.

RK400-01 tipping bucket rain sensor


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RK400-01 tipping bucket rain sensor is an instrument for testing natural rainfall. The sensor converts rainfall into pulse number output, which can meet the needs of users for information transmission, processing, recording and display.


It can be widely used in weather stations, hydrological stations, agriculture and forestry, national defense and field monitoring stations. It can provide raw data for flood protection, water supply system and reservoir water management in factories.

RK500-22 pH Sensor


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Using RK500-22 pH sensor using low impedance sensitive glass, using internal signal isolation technology, strong anti-interference, good reproducibility, thermal stability, no need for professional calibration instruments, easy installation, stable performance, can be used for continuous soil measurement pH value, suitable for fields such as agriculture and environmental protection.

RK520-01 Soil temperature and humidity sensor


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The RK520-01 soil moisture and temperature sensor integrates humidity and temperature measurement functions. Insert a stainless steel probe into the soil surface or soil profile to quickly test soil moisture and temperature.


The moisture measurement part is designed according to the principle of FDR. The soil moisture content is measured by measuring the dielectric constant of the soil. The temperature part adopts precise platinum resistance elements.


The product has built-in drift calibration and temperature compensation circuits, which can be adapted to most applications. Probes can be permanently buried in the ground and connected to a data logger for unlimited testing.


Domestic and foreign customer cases

Sichuan Smart Agriculture Project


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Hunan Smart Agriculture Project


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Thailand Smart Agriculture Project


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Spanish Smart Agriculture Project

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