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The oil fume monitoring system helps the winter oil fume prevention and control battle

by:Rika Sensors     2021-10-08
The oil fume monitoring system helps the winter oil fume prevention and control battle
As the beginning of winter, Shandong held a video conference on the mobilization of the comprehensive control of air pollution in autumn and winter and the special control of dust. The meeting emphasized that the effectiveness of air pollution prevention and control in winter determines whether the goal of air pollution prevention and control in 2020 can be achieved.

In the past, when we talked about air pollution, we often thought of dust pollution such as industry, cities, and construction, but ignored the pollution of oil fume. In fact, oil fume pollution is also the main factor causing air pollution and is the focus of environmental governance. Especially now that the winter has officially entered, the problem of oil fume pollution should be given sufficient attention.

Like the dust monitoring, the oil fume pollution monitoring also has a complete monitoring system called the oil fume online monitoring system. The oil fume monitoring system is a set of systems specially used to monitor the oil fume concentration in the oil fume discharge pipe.

Fume monitoring system

What is oil fume? What is the meaning of oil fume monitoring?

The so-called oil fume refers to the volatilized oil, organic matter and compounds produced by thermal oxidation and thermal cracking during food cooking and food processing. We now know that there are hundreds of oil fume compounds, and quite a few of them have hidden carcinogenic effects. This is why our country pays more and more attention to oil fume monitoring in the catering industry.

Previously, there has not been a set of reasonable regulatory measures for small restaurants in China, which has caused oil fume pollution to have always been a hot and difficult problem for the general public to complain. The significance of oil fume monitoring is to monitor and control the source of oil fume emissions, so that the emission of oil fume pollution can be effectively controlled, and the adverse effects on environmental quality and residents' health can be eliminated.

The composition of the oil fume monitoring system

The oil fume monitoring system is a system that integrates oil fume monitoring, data collection and data transmission developed by the use of Internet of Things sensing technology and GPRS wireless communication technology. In order to meet the needs of the environmental protection industry, online monitoring of the oil fume emission concentration indicators of catering companies can be carried out to unify the operating condition data of the oil fume treatment facilities and the oil fume concentration data, and provide special oil fume monitoring equipment for the oil fume emission status.

The oil smoke monitoring system can be divided into two parts: pump suction type oil smoke monitor and cloud platform.

Functional characteristics of oil smoke monitor:

1. The 7-inch capacitive touch screen is easy to operate, and the operation interface is all Chinese, which is beautiful and generous;

2. It adopts open-type current transformer, no need to cut It can be measured with fan or purifier cable;

3, AC 220V power supply, IP65 protection level, can work outdoors all year round, not afraid of rain and sun;

4, can set three independent jobs Time period, the alarm is only if the limit is exceeded within the time period, and there is no alarm when the limit is exceeded outside the time period;

5. Real-time monitoring of the oil smoke concentration, particulate matter concentration, and non-methane total hydrocarbon concentration, and the upper limit can be set, and the limit will be automatically alarmed. ;

6, 2 current detection, can detect whether the fan and the purifier are working at the same time, can set the detection current alarm value according to the power of the fan and the purifier, adapt to all power fans and purifiers.

7, 1 GPRS (optional 4G) communication interface, data can be directly uploaded to the free cloud platform provided by our company, government oil fume monitoring platform or customer platform.

The oil fume monitoring cloud platform

The oil fume monitoring cloud platform is composed of real-time data, data center and system management. It adopts B/S module development, Window interface style, simple and convenient operation; supports real-time data through GIS map and The display of lists, icons, and curves meets the actual operation needs of users to view monitoring information at multiple levels. If the purification fan is not turned on or the purification value does not meet the standard, the cloud platform will send platform alarms and mobile phone SMS alarms to relevant managers as soon as possible; the platform can also store 2 years of data information, and catering companies can intelligently filter a certain time according to conditions Check whether the purification result meets the required emission standard.

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