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The opening in August is also the beginning of the catering industry and oil fume monitoring system

by:Rika Sensors     2021-09-30
The opening in August is also the beginning of the catering industry and oil fume monitoring system
With the outbreak of the new crown epidemic in the first half of 2020, restaurants have no income, cannot pay rent, cannot pay wages, and a large number of restaurants have closed down. This is undoubtedly a big test for the catering industry. Thanks to the timely regulation and control of the country, the epidemic situation has been basically brought under control in the country. Starting in August, the catering industry is bound to usher in a full recovery, which will also be a new beginning.

After the catering industry restarts, there will be a variety of issues waiting to be addressed, especially oil fume monitoring; after all, no matter how the economy recovers, environmental protection is always the national focus. Next, the editor will talk about environmental protection issues in the catering industry with regard to the oil fume monitoring system.

Necessity of oil fume monitoring system

First of all, why the catering industry must have an oil fume monitoring system. In fact, as early as the end of August 2019, the Ministry of Ecology and Environmental Protection issued the 'Emission Standards for Fume Pollutants in the Catering Industry (Draft for Comment)The oil fume detection system has made clear requirements such as 'The limit of oil fume exhaust pipes or purification facilities of catering service units is 1.0mg/m³' and the limit of non-methane total hydrocarbons is 10mg/m³. The oil fume monitoring system is necessary for the industry.

And this article is for those who want to take advantage of the recovery of the catering industry to enter the industry after the epidemic, but do not understand the oil fume monitoring, and put forward some targeted suggestions and recommendations. The following will take the oil fume monitoring system developed and launched as an example to talk about how the oil fume monitoring system is connected to the EPA and the specific functions of the system.

The oil fume monitoring system

The oil fume online environmental monitoring system is to meet the environmental protection bureau’s The oil fume data reporting requirements of the catering industry use IoT sensing technology and GPRS wireless communication technology to develop a high-performance system that integrates oil fume monitoring, data collection, and data transmission. It can monitor the oil fume emission concentration indicators of catering companies online. , So as to unify the oil fume control data and the oil fume concentration data, and provide the Environmental Protection Agency with a direct, effective and true special oil fume monitoring equipment for the oil fume emission status.

The composition of the oil fume monitoring system

The oil fume online The monitoring system is composed of hardware equipment and supporting software. The hardware equipment is a pump suction oil fume monitor, which is responsible for collecting oil fume data and transmitting it to the software configuration in real time; the software configuration refers to the catering oil fume online monitoring platform, which can be connected The government platform monitors the oil fume purification conditions of various catering companies 24 hours a day.

Pump suction oil smoke detector

Pump suction oil smoke monitor consists of sampling head, AC transformer, sensor, host and monitor System composition. The sampling head sucks oil fume gas into the host, and monitors the concentration of oil fume, particulate matter, and non-methane total hydrocarbon (NMHC) concentration in real time through the sensor configured in the host, and uploads the data to the monitoring host; the transformer monitors the flue fan and The working status of controlled equipment such as oil fume purifier and upload the data to the oil fume online monitoring system.

The oil fume online monitoring platform

The oil fume monitoring platform is composed of real-time data, data center and system management. Using B/S module development, Window interface style, simple and convenient operation; support real-time data can be displayed through GIS maps and lists, icons, curves, to meet the actual operation needs of users to view monitoring information at multiple levels. If the purification fan is not turned on or If the purification value is not up to standard, the oil fume online monitoring platform will send platform alarms and mobile phone SMS alarms to relevant managers as soon as possible; the platform can also store 2 years of data information, and catering companies can intelligently filter the food within a certain time period according to conditions Oil fume emission, check whether the purification result meets the required emission standards.

Opened in August, all wastes are waiting to be used, everything is recovered, the restaurant uses the oil fume monitoring system to cooperate with the local environmental protection bureau to do a good job Oil fume monitoring work welcomes a new start in the catering industry.

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