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The plant intelligent monitoring system

by:Rika Sensors     2020-09-12

recently for a period of time to the temperature rise gradually, the air is dry, very beneficial to thrips and mite bug to the two kinds of insect pests. Because the two pests attached at the back of the blade for a long time, compared with common virus hormone poisoning symptoms, is easy to be mixed with farmers, and missed the best period of prevention and cure. Once inside the shed a sufficient number of larvae to prevention and control of time tend to be more difficult, and will appear repeatedly, so be advised farmers observe vents under vegetable growing point, must be good prevention and treatment of these two kinds of plant diseases and insect pests.

fine - open intelligent insect scouting system

when thrips and mite harm vegetables, in plant growth, young leaf and fruit above all showed abnormal. Thrips the pest is night and dazed, light intense moments, will all hidden inside the soil or flowers to the ground, especially not easy to find, often ignore its existence. Thistle will absorb the plant tender, tender shoot and fruit juice at least, damaged leaves, at least can harden, shorten internode shortened, presents the problems of slow growth. Such as thrips damage after eggplant young fruit, fruit and sepals joint will appear a lot of cork lesions.

stimulation method damage plant mites in mouth. Such as plant stem, leaf and fruit. First will damage the plants growing point and young fruit, after the damage often cause deformation of plant leaves and fruits, or the present dehiscent fruit.

intelligent insect scouting system overview:

pure clear for you to provide intelligent insect scouting, automatic plant monitoring system mainly USES the light, electricity, wireless transmission technology of numerical control technology, the Internet technology to build a set of ecological pest monitoring and warning system. The system integrating pest trapping and take photos, environmental information data gathering, data analysis, implements the pests to trap, classification, statistics, real time transmission, remote detection, early warning and guidance to the prevention of plant automation. Intelligent. With stable performance, easy operation, flexible set etc, are widely used in various fields.

intelligent monitoring measurement and the traditional insect insect scouting difference:

medicinal products using traditional worm is complex, difficult to choose; Artificial deinsectization time-consuming, not environmental protection; Pests and unable to alert, intelligent insect scouting can solve these problems, overcome traditional worm is high cost, not practical shortcomings, such as, effectively kill grain, cotton, fruit, flowers, tea, such as grass moth butterfly pests.

smart bug measurement system function:

1, far-infrared processing insect body eliminate pesticide chemicals caused to the health of workers, on the surrounding environment pollution;

2, automatic electric technology automatically turn on the light in the evening, automatically turn off the light during the day, in the condition of night work, is not affected by glare instant change working status

3, photo insect body recognition

smart built-in camera, the plant monitoring system with wireless transmission software platform, the platform can record the image data of each time period to collect the remote interface of insect species, governance approach merging display intuitive analysis the occurrence rules of insect body, convenient to the user in combination with the happening situation of pest, more accurate warning and prevention and control of pests to occurrence trend. < br / >

4, GPS function through the platform can set hours of work and control remote open to turn off the lights, each device can be through the GPS positioning, the map shows the distribution of the point, convenient users to view and have the function of guard against theft.

intelligent monitor and control system for bug measurement applications:

are widely used in: agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, vegetables, tobacco, tea, medicine, gardens, orchards, urban greening, quarantine, and other fields. < br / >

pure cloud platform

fine - cloud platform can realize the management of the equipment ( Equipment group, camera management) , data management, A variety of display mode, view the history data, export data) , user management, the trigger management ( Trigger history, alarm record) And linkage control ( Remote control, linkage failure instruction retransmission, notification) 。

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