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The price of agricultural meteorological station and function

by:Rika Sensors     2020-09-11

in general, the traditional agricultural crops, are generally depends on the weather, as the saying goes, is the weather, so the weather is very big to the influence that the agricultural cultivation, so slowly along with the development of planting industry, the use of agriculture for agricultural meteorological stations has been more and more widely. Agricultural meteorological stations in agricultural crop production has played a role can never be ignored.

pure clear agricultural meteorological station is very powerful environmental meteorological monitoring equipment, at the same time monitoring soil temperature, soil moisture, air temperature, air humidity, light intensity, wind speed, wind direction, rainfall, atmospheric pressure nine environment parameters, can be used with sewage sludge all-in-one PC, data upload - cloud platform, real-time monitoring of agricultural environment parameter, make the traditional weak agricultural productivity is high the modernization of the industry.

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this is a fall in temperature autumn, the season of drizzle, soil temperature, humidity, air temperature and humidity changes are very big, can affect the growth of crops in the season, so we need to strengthen agricultural environment meteorological monitoring, for a long time, there are a lot of monitoring soil temperature, soil moisture, air temperature, air humidity, light intensity and other instruments, but is a single function, such as soil temperature and humidity measuring instrument, the rainfall recorder, etc. , this test up more troublesome, go out to work need to carry a lot of equipment, time consuming, with the rapid development of Internet of things of agriculture technology, fine - open agricultural meteorological station can meet the needs of the broad masses of customers.

the price of agricultural meteorological station:

the price of agricultural meteorological stations and the configuration is relevant, configuration is associated with the user demand, the price of the different configuration of agricultural meteorological station itself also has a lot of difference, so the price of agricultural meteorological station is uncertain, is related to user requirements, when the demand for agricultural meteorological stations have need to contact the agricultural meteorological station factory customized to determine prices. Pure clear as agricultural meteorological station manufacturer, can reasonable user requirement analysis, meet the demand.

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agricultural meteorological station:

agricultural meteorological stations can be real-time monitoring of temperature, humidity, light intensity, photosynthetic active radiation, CO2 concentration and meteorological environment, high measurement precision, wide application, can improve the pertinence and level of agricultural meteorology and timeliness.

agricultural meteorological station objective, quantitative and dynamic evaluation of agricultural climate resources provide detailed data. Quantitative degree and obviously improve the timeliness, basic meet agricultural disaster prevention and reduction, food security, the need of agricultural insurance, and achieved remarkable business service benefits. In addition, to achieve the main crop production before, during or after agricultural meteorological information in the whole process of analysis and evaluation of the whole.

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