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The principle and type of temperature sensor

by:Rika Sensors     2021-09-08

Temperature sensor It is one of the most frequently used sensors in modern testing and industrial process control. However, the correct measurement of temperature is not easy. Even with a temperature sensor with a high degree of accuracy, if the measurement method is improperly selected or the measurement environment cannot meet the requirements, it is difficult to obtain the expected results.

Current temperature sensors, such as thermal resistance, thermocouple, and radiation thermometer, have matured, but they can only be used in traditional applications and cannot meet the requirements of many fields, especially high-tech fields.

Indoor indoor temperature sensor and transmitter The product has the characteristics of small size, beautiful appearance, convenient installation, etc.

Duct type R2/T2 series pipeline temperature sensor and transmitter, suitable for the measurement of air duct temperature and water pipe temperature in building control and HVAC systems.

The outdoor R5/T5 series temperature sensor and transmitter is a product that can be used outdoors or other indoor environments with high IP requirements to measure temperature. The protective cover can be selected according to the different site environment to enhance Protection effect.

Surface type

R4/T4 series special types of temperature sensors and transmitters can choose different temperature probes and housing installation modes according to different on-site environments.

Average temperature R4/T4R4DA/T4DA series average temperature sensors and transmitters are multiple temperature sensing elements encapsulated in multiple stainless steel pipes or copper pipes, equidistantly distributed on the detection cable, using the detection of each Point temperature to calculate and measure the average temperature value in an open space or large duct/wind box.

Input type R3/T3R3/T3 series input type temperature sensors and transmitters adopt split stainless steel probes and professional waterproof and anticorrosive cables. They are products that are professionally used to measure the temperature of various water tanks or pools.

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