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The principle of automatic water and fertilizer integrated fertilizer applicator

by:Rika Sensors     2021-11-30
The principle of automatic water and fertilizer integrated fertilizer applicator

my country is a big country producing crops as well as a big water and fertilizer consumption country. However, the effective utilization rate of water and fertilizer is not very satisfactory. In traditional natural irrigation, the water use efficiency is only about 40%. A large amount of unused water takes away the applied fertilizers, a serious waste of resources and energy, and also causes pollution of the agricultural ecological environment.

Precise irrigation and fertilization are integrated water and fertilizer integration. Fertilizer enters near the roots of the crop with the appropriate amount of irrigation water, and will not be lost in the deep layer, which not only improves the fertilizer efficiency, but also prevents the groundwater from being polluted by fertilizers and chemicals. , In the way of irrigation and fertilization, the water and nutrients required by crops can be truly controlled and supplied uniformly, appropriately and accurately.

Realizing the integration of water and fertilizer precision irrigation and fertilization technology requires corresponding water supply, fertilizer supply, automatic precision irrigation and fertilization, irrigation official website and other facilities, and its key core device is automatic precision irrigation and fertilization equipment.

The principle of the automatic water-fertilizer integrated fertilizer applicator:

The fertilizer liquid in the fertilizer liquid irrigation is injected into the mixed irrigation by the fertilizer applicator, and the fertilizer pump draws the fertilizer liquid from the mixing tank. It is transported into the main irrigation pipeline, and at the same time, a branch pipe is set to connect the fertilizer injection device as the water inlet pipe of the fertilizer injection device. Adjust the fertilization amount by controlling the pulse width of the solenoid valve switch according to the signal difference, so that the fertilizer solution concentration value in the main pipeline is consistent with the set value, and the pH adjustment is similar to the fertilizer solution concentration adjustment.

When the fertilizer applicator is working, under the power of the water pump, constant pressure water flows in from the water inlet, and the water flows through the tapered section of the jet nozzle. As the cross-sectional area decreases, the water flow pressure increases, and the water flow speed It also increases, the vacuum negative pressure generated in the suction chamber forms a pressure difference with the outside air pressure, and the single-element liquid fertilizer is fully mixed with water by using the pressure difference, and is discharged through the water and fertilizer mixture outlet.

The working pressure difference is provided by the booster pump, which is connected to the inlet of the main pipe of the fertilizer absorption system to meet the requirement of providing a constant pressure water source for the upper porous pipe; when the pressure water source flows through the jet , So that the suction pressure is reduced to generate a vacuum to complete the fertilization process.

The use of integrated water and fertilizer equipment for automatic management of water and fertilizer is conducive to saving water and fertilizer, increasing production and improving efficiency, and is a key direction for the modernization of facility agriculture.

Water and fertilizer integration technology is a new agricultural technology that integrates irrigation and fertilization. It combines soluble solid fertilizer or liquid fertilizer with irrigation according to the soil nutrient content and the fertilizer requirements of crops. The water is mixed together to form a fertilizer solution with a suitable concentration. With the help of a fertilizer applicator, the paired fertilizer solution with a suitable concentration is uniformly reached to the root area of u200bu200bthe crop through a controllable pipe and a dripper or a spray nozzle.

The integration of water and fertilizer is the simultaneous application of fertilization and watering. Fertilizer solution mixed with soluble solid fertilizer or liquid fertilizer and irrigation water is uniformly and accurately transported to the soil at the root of the crop. According to the growth needs of crops, water and nutrients can be quantified, timed, and proportionally supplied during the whole growth period. The crops absorb water while also absorbing the nutrients they need. Because of its high utilization rate of water and fertilizer, saving fertilizer and water resources, saving labor and time, reducing costs, increasing yield, and being convenient to use, many countries have widely used it in agricultural production to improve economic benefits.

With the rapid development of new technologies, including wireless communication technology, sensor technology, information processing technology, agricultural automation and informatization, the Internet of Things technology integrates agriculture with computers and integrates smart facilities , Intelligent equipment, intelligent systems, and planting requirements are combined to increase the utilization rate of water and fertilizer, increase crop yields, reduce environmental pollution, and increase the scientific and technological content of agricultural modern equipment.

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