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The rapid development of cold chain transportation, the temperature and humidity recorder helps prevent the risk of drug cold chain transportation

by:Rika Sensors     2021-10-26
The rapid development of cold chain transportation, temperature and humidity recorder helps prevent the risk of cold chain transportation of medicines
According to statistics, the waste caused by discarding rotten food in China amounts to 70 billion yuan a year, accounting for as much as 20% of the total value of food production. Some foods are discarded during transportation because they cannot be kept fresh for a long time. This waste phenomenon is mainly caused by the lack of a 'cold chain transportation' system. Nowadays, with the development of society and the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, the cold chain transportation industry has developed rapidly. Not only large-scale cold chain transportation equipment is available for long-distance transportation, but the emerging fresh food express is also developing rapidly, delivering fresh food or refrigerated medicines. every family. So what are the specific types of refrigerated transportation? Today, let’s take a look specifically~

1. Land transportation vehicles equipped with refrigerated containers

According to the statistics of refrigerated transportation companies, refrigerated transportation uses more transportation means such as trucks and trailers. Refrigerators are also fixed on trucks and trailers, and then generators are used to drive refrigerators to keep the transported goods at low temperature, and then the transported goods are delivered to the destination through a slow and safe delivery method.

2. Water transportation with temperature-controlled containers

Generally speaking of water transportation, ships are used more often. In addition to installing temperature-controlled containers on ships, water reefers will also Directly use refrigerated ships for water transportation. In the process of transportation, when the container arrives at the dock, it will be transferred to the chassis, and then after continuous processing, the mailed items can be safely mailed to the destination.

3. Air transportation with higher speed

When air transportation is used for transportation, the effect of aircraft temperature control is not particularly strong. Therefore, the use of aircraft to transport generally transports some flowers and tropical fruits. Because the speed of the airplane is very fast, it also has a good effect on the preservation of items.

Summarizing the above content, there are the above three modes of refrigerated transportation. When choosing the above three modes of transportation, you must also consider the cost of refrigerated transportation, and choose a suitable refrigerated transportation method in comparison and analysis.

In the cold chain transportation, the transportation of cold chain drugs is particularly attractive, because once the temperature and humidity are out of control in the transportation link, the drugs will have an irreversible reaction and endanger people's health. So how to ensure the quality of cold chain transportation of medicines?

1. The pre-cooling link is indispensable

During the cold chain transportation, medicines have higher temperature requirements than ordinary foods. However, it is easy to cause temperature loss during the loading and unloading process. In order to reduce temperature fluctuations and Loss is reduced in a lower range. Take refrigerated trucks as an example. Before loading medicines into cold chain transport trucks, the compartments must be pre-cooled in advance to avoid too much temperature difference before and after loading the medicines. In addition, do not load them too crowded. Leave room for air-conditioning to circulate between.

2. Reduce the number of door openings of transportation vehicles

The cold chain transport compartment is relatively closed, and the air-conditioning is not easy to lose. However, if the compartment doors are opened frequently, the outside hot air will enter the compartment. It will not only cause fluctuations in the storage temperature of medicines, but also increase the temperature in the compartment. Therefore, in order to ensure the quality of medicine transportation, cold chain transport vehicles should reduce the number of opening and closing doors during transportation.

3. Check during transportation.

If the transportation is far away, check the refrigeration system of the cold chain transportation tool and check the closed condition of the car door to ensure refrigeration during the driving process. There is no abnormality in the system and the door closing. In addition, the temperature and humidity recorder should be used to record the temperature and humidity in the compartment during driving to ensure that the medicine is always stored and transported within the appropriate range.

The temperature and humidity recorder plays a monitoring role in the cold chain transportation. The data of the temperature and humidity recorder is an important evidence of whether the medicine is qualified, helping to reduce the risk in the cold chain transportation of medicine, and escorting the cold chain transportation of medicine .

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