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The role of agricultural meteorological stations in greenhouses

by:Rika Sensors     2020-09-11
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greenhouses to cultivate crops such as fruits and vegetables, the use of plastic greenhouses, greenhouse in winter, and other agricultural equipment. Intelligent greenhouse and agricultural meteorological monitoring in early rice seedlings and cultivation of vegetables, flowers and aquatic breeding has been widely used.

greenhouse climate is a kind of microclimate, shall receive the radiation, temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide and other elements.

1。 Lighting. From inside the greenhouse cover materials, the influence of general lighting in greenhouse is lower than outside the greenhouse. Commonly used material for PVC, polyethylene, glass cover, of all of the visible light transmittance, but the former two transmittance of ultraviolet ray has surely, but ultraviolet ray can't through the glass. In addition, the glass of infrared transmittance is low, and the polyethylene and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) of infrared transmittance is very high. Glass greenhouse, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polyethylene greenhouse greenhouse in heat preservation progressive decline in the night, this is because the glass intercept longwave radiation, atmosphere at night to the strong. The orientation of the greenhouse also can affect the light transmittance and structure. Such as in winter and spring season things than south long long of greenhouse greenhouse evenly progress about 10% light transmittance.

2。 The temperature. Inside the greenhouse temperature is affected by many factors, such as cover material, greenhouse external climate, the greenhouse ventilation situation, greenhouse area ( The object surface area per unit volume) And so on. General large greenhouse insulation less greenhouse to optimal. Sunny days inside the greenhouse temperature change is significant, cloudy day does not change significantly. The effect of the greenhouses multi-functional automatic meteorological station is to scientifically deal with equipment agriculture.

3。 Humidity. Soil evaporation and plant origin is the water vapor in greenhouse. Plants to grow weak, easy to dye, this is because the air does not flow in greenhouse, water vapor and isolated, form the humidity inside the greenhouse is more big, outdoor at near full or full status and hallooing plant evaporation effect.

4。 Carbon dioxide ( CO2) 。 Cover closed effect, affecting CO2 exchange room list, make indoor CO2 concentration change ups and downs. Dark to the front of the sunrise, because plants breath effect and the effect of differentiation of soil organic matter, make the CO2 concentration added constantly; CO2 concentration followed plant photosynthetic effect after sunrise and falling, down to will, will affect the plant photosynthetic effect, affect crop production.

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