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The role of agro-meteorological station in the construction of agricultural information

by:Rika Sensors     2021-09-29
The role of agro-meteorological station in the construction of agricultural information
'China Digital Village Development Report (2019)' predicts that the potential market size of my country's smart agriculture will reach 200 billion yuan this year. From 'expecting experience' to 'relying on data

Agricultural informatization refers to the development and application of modern information technology in various aspects of the agricultural field, so that it can penetrate into the whole process of agricultural production, market, consumption, and rural society, economy, technology, and other specific links.

 In simple terms, agricultural informatization is to combine some of the current information science and technology such as computer, information storage and processing, communication, grid, multimedia, artificial intelligence, 3S technology (ie geographic information system GIS, global Positioning system GPS, remote sensing technology RS) and other applications are grafted into our daily agricultural production activities.

Strengthening the construction of agricultural informatization is conducive to the transformation of agricultural production models from traditional to modern: advanced information collection, processing and transmission technologies can effectively overcome the decentralization and miniaturization of agricultural production. With the support of information technology, agricultural production efficiency can be improved, and agricultural production will tend to be farm-based. Farmers will use modern technology to monitor all farm machinery and equipment at any time and place, which can make complex and changeable production factors in agricultural production. Quantification, standardization and integration can strengthen the monitoring and over-limit alarms that affect agricultural resources, the ecological environment, meteorology, and biological disasters.

Meteorological and environmental factors are particularly important in agricultural production. Agricultural meteorological stations can provide a basis for agricultural planning and the rational layout of crops. The healthy growth of crops requires suitable temperature, humidity, light, moisture, etc., and management personnel can use agrometeorological stations to monitor and record these agrometeorological elements, and make arrangements for the next agricultural production work. Carry out work in a more refined way to improve the efficiency of production operations to ensure that agricultural production increases production, quality, and income.

The agro-meteorological station can assist relevant departments to make timely warnings for disasters such as drought, floods, low temperature, frost, etc., and reduce the economic losses caused by the disasters. Provide first-hand agrometeorological environmental data for agricultural production, which is helpful for data accumulation and analysis.

The significance of the use of agricultural weather stations

Provide suggestions for planting: After the meteorological elements in the farmland are transmitted to the background computer terminal, the user can provide references for planting according to the actual situation of the data, such as severe cold waves. The growers can learn about the weather in time and take timely measures to reduce losses.

Provide reference for agricultural scientific research: In addition, agrometeorological station has another function, through the analysis of the environmental data of the annual farmland, combined with the annual grain output, through the analysis of the data, it is possible to compare the influence of the climate on the agricultural output. These data have important implications for agricultural research.

In general, the agro-meteorological station has promoted the transformation of China’s agriculture from traditional methods to the information age. It can not only achieve more refined manipulation and management, so that agriculture can obtain better results, but also save production. Cost and labor cost.

In recent years, the rapid development of agricultural and rural information construction has played an important role in promoting farmers’ income and improving rural living conditions and living standards. At present, the development of agricultural and rural informatization has reached a critical period, and we must increase efforts to make up for shortcomings, so that agriculture and rural areas can be equipped with the wings of informatization as soon as possible.

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