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The role of pressure sensor in the fire-fighting pipeline water pressure monitoring system

by:Rika Sensors     2021-11-26
The role of pressure sensor in the fire-fighting pipeline water pressure monitoring system
With the rapid development of the scale of the city, the number of high-rise buildings is increasing day by day. On the one hand, high-rise buildings have complex functions, densely populated people, and numerous modern facilities. Once a fire occurs, the chimney effect and wind effect are likely to occur, the fire spreads rapidly, and it is very difficult to extinguish the fire. On the other hand, in the use of high-rise buildings, the fire-fighting awareness of property management units is relatively weak, and it is easy to overlook the management and maintenance of fire-fighting systems such as fire-fighting water supply systems and automatic sprinkler systems.

At present, the pipeline water pressure of the fire fighting system cannot be monitored in real time, and it is difficult for the fire department to effectively monitor the fire water pressure. This has caused some fire fighting systems to be in a state of insufficient or no water pressure for a long time. Once a fire occurs, the fire protection system cannot be connected in time, and the fire protection hazard is very serious, which will undoubtedly bring great harm to the lives and property of the people. In actual situations, once the water pressure of the fire fighting pipeline is abnormal, after manual discovery, the inspector will notify the firefighters to go to the scene to make repairs. The whole process is relatively long. Some fire pipelines cannot be detected in time. It is difficult for the inspectors to understand the cause of the abnormality. The processing time of the exception was delayed.

To solve this problem, pressure sensors can be installed in key parts of the fire water system to realize the water pressure monitoring of the fire pipes in the building. This system is called the fire pipe water pressure monitoring system.

(Schematic diagram of the fire-fighting pipeline water pressure monitoring system)

The fire-fighting pipeline pressure monitoring system transmits the monitoring data of the pressure sensor to the fire-fighting pipeline water pressure monitoring platform through the GPRS data collector to achieve abnormal pressure data Alarms, online monitoring and comprehensive analysis of the operation of the entire fire protection water system can quickly locate the fault points in the fire protection pipeline, and send alarm information to relevant management personnel through SMS, WeChat, email, etc. to troubleshoot the failure of the fire protection pipeline Or alarm problems can be dealt with in a timely manner, which reduces hidden fire hazards and ensures that the fire water system can play a real role in the event of a fire.

The fire-fighting pipeline water pressure monitoring system is divided into three parts: perception layer, transmission layer and application layer. The perception layer is located in the first layer of the three-layer structure of the Internet of Things, and its function is 'perceptionThe sensing layer of the fire-fighting pipeline water pressure monitoring system is mainly a pressure transmitter, which is a key part of the water pressure information collection of the fire-fighting pipeline.

The pressure transmitter uses a high-performance pressure-sensing chip, combined with advanced circuit processing and temperature compensation technology, to convert pressure changes into linear current or voltage signals. The product is small in size and easy to install. It uses a stainless steel shell to isolate and anti-corrosion. It is suitable for measuring media such as gases and liquids that are compatible with the material of the contact part. It can be used to measure gauge pressure, negative pressure and absolute pressure. It is suitable for the measurement of process control pressure in industrial field. It is widely used in water plants, oil refineries, sewage treatment plants, building materials, light industry, machinery and other industrial fields to realize the measurement of liquid, gas, and vapor pressure.

GPRS data collector is a terminal device suitable for field equipment monitoring and control and wireless transmission via GPRS. It has 4 channels of analog signal acquisition and 4 channels of switching signals (or active signals). The function of collecting and controlling 2 independent switches (optional), the product is waterproof.

The network layer is the core of data communication and the main channel for data transmission. The network layer of the fire pipeline water pressure monitoring system mainly uses GPRS communication network, which has wide coverage, multiple connections, fast speed and low cost. , Low power consumption, excellent architecture, and strong real-time performance.

The application layer is a fire-fighting pipeline water pressure monitoring platform and a third-party application platform, which can realize real-time monitoring of the location, equipment type and real-time data of the fire-fighting pipeline water pressure monitoring system. It can also be monitored through mobile phones, Pads, computers, etc. The information terminal pushes real-time monitoring information and alarm information to managers to facilitate timely maintenance by staff and improve the reliability of the entire fire protection system.

The limitations of traditional fire fighting are relatively large, and smart fire fighting based on the Internet of Things technology has become an inevitable trend. With the development of Internet of Things technology and firefighting facilities, smart firefighting is now an indispensable part of smart city construction, and it is a specific application in the field of smart city firefighting.

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