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The security guard who guards the family-Ceiling infrared detector

by:Rika Sensors     2021-12-09
The security guard who guards the family-Ceiling infrared detector
Anti-theft has always been a major concern of every family. Anti-theft alarm equipment is no longer a strange product to us. And if we take a closer look, we will find that many families have come into contact with or even used anti-theft products. Among many anti-theft products, infrared monitors are commonly used in daily life. As a family 'security guardThe following editor will give you a detailed breakdown.

When choosing a suitable infrared detector, we must first know the following two points of knowledge of the infrared detector:

1. What is the working principle of the infrared detector?

Infrared detectors work by detecting infrared rays emitted by the human body. The detector collects infrared radiation from the outside and then gathers it on the infrared sensor. Infrared sensors usually use pyroelectric elements. When this element receives infrared radiation and changes in temperature, it will release electric charges and generate an alarm after detection and processing.

In simple terms, infrared detectors detect moving objects with temperature, such as humans, animals, powered vehicles, etc., will be detected when they cross the protective area of u200bu200bthe infrared detector, and then turn into an alarm signal. Transmit to the receiving host, thereby generating an alarm.

2. The advantages and disadvantages of common infrared detectors.


①The device itself does not emit any type of radiation, the power consumption during the period is small, and the concealment is good.

②The product is cost-effective.


①Easily interfered by various heat sources such as pets and sunlight.

②The infrared penetrability is poor, the infrared of the human body is easily blocked, and it is not easy to be received by the detector.

③When the ambient temperature is close to the human body temperature, the detection and sensitivity will decrease significantly, sometimes causing a short-term failure.

Combining the above two points, judging from the working principle and common infrared detectors on the market, it is inevitable that there will be false alarms while being convenient to use. At this time, how to choose a relatively accurate device is extremely important. However, the quality of various infrared sensors on the market varies. How can we choose a product that is not only concealed and affordable, but is not easy to misreport? The editor here recommends an improved 485 ceiling infrared detector.

Model 485 ceiling infrared detector

The 485 ceiling infrared detector produced meets national standards, and has the functions of automatic monitoring, stable performance, effective prevention of false alarms, and setting of alarm time. At the same time, the material is environmentally friendly and easy to install, which is very suitable for family use.

1. 'Beep, first, prevent, accurate'

: The alarm time can be modified through the distribution software, and the alarm lasts for 30s, 10s, and 5s for three options.

First: Advanced signal analysis and processing technology provides accurate measurement and control assurance. If there is a dynamic movement phenomenon, an alarm will be generated.

Prevention: The product uses an 8-BIT low-power CMOS processor. This high-performance processing chip has the function of preventing false alarms and provides a safe guard for the family.

Standard: Whenever an intruder passes through the detection area, the detector will automatically monitor the activities of the human body in the area.

2. Ceiling installation monitoring without blind spots

The 485 infrared detector adopts ceiling installation, which is convenient to install, small in size and does not occupy space, and 360° comprehensive prevention, 360° detection, A conical space is formed from top to bottom. When the installation height is 3.5m, it can monitor six meters in diameter to achieve comprehensive prevention.

3. The material is environmentally friendly and durable

The equipment adopts PVC high-strength environmentally friendly material, which is environmentally friendly and flame-retardant, resistant to high temperatures and not easy to burn, and durable in compression. It can be used by the family for a long time.

Generally speaking, most infrared detectors on the market are relatively stable and reliable. After understanding the performance characteristics of the infrared detector, choose a passive infrared detector that can be used more reasonably and effectively in the later period, which can bring convenience to your work and life.

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