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The significance of the temperature and humidity sensor in the computer room to the computer room

by:Rika Sensors     2021-11-11
The significance of the temperature and humidity sensor in the computer room to the computer room
The temperature and humidity of the computer room is one of the most important indicators in the data center environment of the computer room.

The main heat in the computer room comes from the heat dissipation of the computer equipment, solar radiation heat, artificial lighting, human body heat, etc. The heat generated by the operation of the computer equipment is very large, and it is the main heat source in the computer room. If the temperature in the equipment room is too high or too low, it is not conducive to the operation of the equipment. To ensure the normal operation of the equipment, an appropriate and relatively constant room temperature should be maintained in the computer room.

If the server room temperature is too high, the system will overheat, the information stored on the server may be lost forever, and sometimes it will overheat to the point of complete collapse. In order to avoid causing major problems for the company, it is important to understand that the proper temperature of the data center is maintained so that it does not overheat.

Requirements for the temperature and humidity of the computer room:

Generally speaking, the temperature of the machine should be controlled between 20℃~24℃ and the relative humidity should be kept within the range of 45%~65%.

Regarding the computer room site environment, Article of the national standard (GB2887-89 'Technical Conditions of Computer Station Site') stipulates:

The ambient temperature and humidity standards in the computer room when the computer is turned on, where the ambient temperature is: A Grade 22±2℃, Grade B 15~30℃, Grade C 10~35℃; Ambient humidity: Grade A 45%~65%, Grade B 40%~70%, Grade C 30%~80%; general communication The standard of the computer room should reach the A-level standard.

In a data center, the power supply heats the air. Unless the heat is removed, the ambient temperature will rise, causing electronic equipment to malfunction. By controlling the air temperature and humidity, the server components can be kept within the temperature/humidity range specified by the manufacturer.

The IT hardware of the computer room is very sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity. It is very important to monitor the temperature and humidity of the computer room. So how can we do a good job in monitoring the temperature and humidity? It must be a professional computer room. Temperature and humidity monitoring equipment.

86 housing temperature and humidity sensor RS-WS-N01-1-*With LCD display, it can display the temperature and humidity value in real time; it adopts the measuring unit imported from Switzerland, the measurement is accurate; on-site self-calibration, long-term stability and drift Small; using standard MODBUS-RTU communication protocol, RS485 signal output, the maximum communication distance can reach 2000 meters (measured). Built-in probe and optional extension.

The sensor is equipped with a multi-function dust-proof button, and the device has a total of six items that can be set: address, baud rate, upper temperature limit, lower temperature limit, and lower humidity limit. The built-in cellular alarm can automatically alarm when the temperature and humidity exceed the limit value, and keep track of environmental changes in time.

This temperature and humidity sensor uses military-grade spring-type screw-free terminals, which can be connected by pressing and plugging. It can be connected quickly even without a screwdriver on site, and can adapt to a wire diameter of 0.3 ~ 2.0mm². The shell is 86 type, wall-mounted installation, simple and convenient.

The equipment is widely used in communication rooms, warehouse buildings and automatic control and other places that require temperature and humidity monitoring.

The temperature and humidity sensor not only meets the functions of real-time monitoring of temperature and humidity data, over-limit alarm, data collection, data uploading, etc., but also can upload data to the environmental monitoring cloud platform or RS-RJ-K platform to monitor the temperature and humidity data in the computer room Perform analysis, export reports, display data curves, and archive and print charts or reports, and you can view them anytime, anywhere on the mobile phone.

The use and installation of sensor solution is compared with most other systems for managing the environmental monitoring systems effectively and no doubt sensor solution have won the race so many times.
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