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The Significance of Tubular Soil Moisture Monitor for Water Saving in Agriculture

by:Rika Sensors     2021-11-22
The Significance of Tubular Soil Moisture Monitor for Water Saving in Agriculture

Soil moisture is one of the important factors affecting agricultural production, and mastering soil moisture data is of great significance to agricultural production time. my country is a country with severe drought and water shortage. The total amount of fresh water resources in my country is 2.8 trillion cubic meters, accounting for 6% of the global water resources. If we collect and utilize all the water wasted in agricultural production, will China's water shortage pressure be greatly reduced?
Tube soil moisture monitoring instrument is also called soil tube profile moisture meter, soil profile moisture rapid measuring instrument, etc. It is a sensor based on the principle of dielectric constant, which can target different levels of soil moisture content and temperature. Such dynamic observations are suitable for places that need to detect soil moisture, drought information or need to detect weather in real time.
What's the significance of agricultural water saving with tube soil moisture monitor?
From the point of view of crop water requirements, we have always had such a misunderstanding, thinking that more irrigation can ensure production and quality, but this is not the case.
Irrigation itself is to meet the needs of different growth periods of crops, to grasp the water demand rules of crops in different growth periods, and to irrigate and accurately irrigate crops on demand. From this perspective, agriculture itself does not need so much water. It is sufficient to meet the needs of crops according to the water requirements of crops, which is also of great significance for agricultural water saving.
The tubular soil moisture monitoring instrument adopts a layered observation structure, which can detect the soil temperature and moisture content of 3 or 5 layers. Configure a temperature observation point on the ground, and configure a soil temperature and humidity measuring point every 10 cm in the underground soil to observe the soil temperature and humidity in the corresponding range.

The tubular soil moisture monitor uses a shell made of PVC plastic pipes to protect the sensor’s electrodes from direct contact with the soil. During monitoring, it can effectively avoid the interference of electricity on the soil and the plants in the soil. It also prevents the detection wave from being affected by soil salt ions, chemical fertilizers, irrigation and other agricultural activities, realizing effective perception of the true state of the soil and ensuring accurate data.
How to solve the problem of power supply when the monitor works outdoors? In fact, it is very simple. The tube soil moisture monitor has a built-in battery that can be used outdoors for a week. It can also be equipped with a 10W solar charging board RS-SP-10W-1 to charge the battery, which solves the user’s concerns about long-term outdoor work. There will be a dead battery.

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