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The smoke alarm and the pinhole camera are silly and unclear? One article tells you the difference!

by:Rika Sensors     2021-10-30
The smoke alarm and the pinhole camera are silly and unclear? One article tells you the difference!
In recent years, illegal and criminal activities such as secret photography and secret recording have become widespread. A variety of hidden pinhole cameras can be seen everywhere in the electronic market, and online shopping platforms are not shy about selling sneak shots, and there are even sellers who provide customized services. By disguising special equipment for eavesdropping and photographing as objects in daily life, criminals can steal the privacy of others without limitation in time and distance.

For the pinhole camera, we can say that we hate it so deeply that for a long period of time we no longer trust any luminous equipment in hotels and hotels. However, because of the nature of the device, the smoke alarm has a constant red light spot, and it is also 'honorable' to be guarded. In order to 'correct the name' of the smoke alarm, this article will introduce this misunderstood in detail. Smoke alarm.

Smoke alarms commonly used in hotels

As the name suggests, a smoke alarm is a device for monitoring the concentration of indoor smoke, which can detect the smoke generated during a fire.

There are many types of smoke alarms. The alarms with red warning lights at night belong to the photoelectric smoke type smoke alarms. The alarm uses photoelectric smoke devices inside, which are widely used in shopping malls, hotels, shops, warehouses, computer rooms, residences and other places for fire safety detection. The smoke alarm has a built-in buzzer, which can emit a strong sound after alarming.

The working principle of the photoelectric smoke alarm

The smoke alarm is designed with the principle of photoelectric smoke detection, which realizes fire prevention by monitoring the concentration of smoke, and has built-in smoke sensors and photoelectric smoke devices. The smoke moves upwards. When it rises to the bottom of the ceiling and enters the inside of the alarm, the smoke particles will scatter part of the light beam to the photosensitive element. The denser the smoke, the more light is scattered on the photosensitive element. When the light beam scattered on the sensor reaches a certain level, the buzzer will sound an alarm. At the same time, the sensor converts the light signal into an electric signal and transmits it to the automatic fire alarm system to prompt a fire.

The photoelectric type is developed by using the basic property that the smoke generated during a fire can change the propagation characteristics of light. According to the absorption and scattering of light by smoke.

Features of the photoelectric smoke alarm:

1. When a substance burns, it often produces smoke first, and then produces visible and invisible light. The smoke alarm can detect 360° in all directions. If the 'signal' of the burning of the object is captured, it will be converted into an output signal and uploaded to the fire fighting system.

2. When the smoke reaches a predetermined threshold, the device sends alarm data to the gateway, and the alarm inside the device will emit a crisp and loud alarm at the same time, until the danger is removed or the air is clean again. In order to avoid false alarms, appropriate delay adjustments can be made to the alarm time.

3. The smoke alarm is a standard ModBus-RTU signal output, which is convenient for users to develop again. Used with a concentrator, it can be uploaded to a free environmental monitoring platform through network signals to achieve 24-hour uninterrupted monitoring.

4. The user logs in to the cloud platform mobile phone APP terminal through the account to realize the remote management of the smoke alarm.

5. The smoke alarm itself is more intelligent, such as in a relatively low temperature environment, it can automatically turn on heating to ensure that the equipment can work normally and ensure the accuracy of detection.

6. The smoke alarm has the characteristics of sensitive response, precise measurement, high stability and high decibel alarm sound (≥80dB), and it meets the GB4715-2005 fire protection standard; it adopts excellent production technology, beautiful appearance, and direct Installation, no need to debug; the inside of the equipment adopts patch technology, which has the function of anti-EMI and RFI interference, and ensures the continuity of information transmission.

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